12 Feb 2017

Squaduary - Progress with RTB01 Tactical Squad

Hello Readers, I am continuing the progress of the RTB01 Tactical Squad I have pledged to get complete during February, in the Squaduary Challenge. Two more done, 6 more to go.
For those who might be wondering what Squaduary is, its all about building and painting a squad in February and is a hobby related event being run by Stepping Between Games. A great way to get motivated to paint some of those miniatures lurking in the cupboard of doom To-Do pile.
Here is the squad so far, finished the next two members of the squad now, both with a little character. The Grav Gun wielding RTB01 (I know! Awesome huh?) is armed with an alternative Gravity Gun from the 3rd Party company Spellcrow. Official Grav Guns are going for about £6 each on ebay, for about that, you can get 4! (5.80 Euro plus PnP depending if you live on this side of the pond...).

The other mini I completed this week was the Sergeant, a Power Fist wielding Veteran with a FW Bolt Pistol from the SM Character Upgrade set. The Power Fist is the original RTB01 set. The banner is made from an old metal pole (I think a SW Character) from by bitz box and a banner type bit I think from the Black Templars Vehicle Upgrade set.


  1. Nice to see these getting some love.

    Can the Squaduary squad be my Humans for Blood Bowl?

  2. Alex, yes mate, drop a comment over at Stepping Between Games and let Rory know you've pledged a squad/team.

    1. Well, I need to build and paint some Wulfen for a game in a couple of weeks too...

    2. Either option works. Would be delighted to have you on board.

  3. Coming along nicely :)

    You are making a lot more progress on your Squadary pledge than I am!

  4. Very nice. I've got some BA RTB01's about somewhere - I probably ought to split them up, some for the BT and some for the SW.

  5. it's always a joy to see the original plastic Space Marines! They look sharp on the 32mm bases as well. I also like the Squadary concept, very cool.

  6. Those are coming along nicely. Wish I could get my hands on some and all.

    Glad folks are liking my little event and all.

  7. Go team grey!

  8. Thanks everyone, I'm quite enjoying painting these retro marines, nice change to do something not totally packed with details ;)

    @ Zzzzzz, look forward to seeing your RTB01's

    @ Neverness, still available to buy on eBay, but you'll probably have to pay a premium, but the Rule of Cool is worth it imho. The 32mm base does help updating them. As Rory says, never too late to join.in, pledge a different squad and get posting, still half of month left.

    @ Turkadactyl, never enough grey!


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