6 Feb 2017

Squaduary - February the month to get my RTB01 Done

For those who might be wondering what Squaduary is, its all about building and painting a squad in February and is a hobby related event being run by Stepping Between Games. The goal of the first week is to build your squad.
So I started a little ahead of some participants as I had painted 2 members of the squad already, seen here. As Thousandeyes says, there is no hard and fast rules, its a fun hobby motivation type thing designed to get those loafing minis done - right up my street on this year of cracking the great plastic and resin to-do pile!
As you can see the size difference is not too bad, the 32mm bases means they are beefed up a bit, and rule of cool wise, they will always be welcome additions on the battlefield!
Here are the rest of the squad, minus the specialist weapon carrier who is getting his Spellcrow Grav Gun fitted by the Artificers... should have these done for Squaduary.

Cheers, Siph.


  1. Great to see some classic minis get some love for Squaduary!

  2. I do have a special place in my heart for those beakies. Looking forward to seeing them done up.

  3. I also love how the 32mm's just make all the marines look beefier. After swapping, my old bases look downright tiny!

  4. I'm seriously considering repainting some beakies - but feel the need to re-arm them with guns which actually have a barrel length of more than 3".

  5. Michael, Rory, yep, Beakies are great, I had loads in the day including some undead converted ones made using bits from the Skeletons box set. Pre-LotD maybe? My first box set of RTB01 was dark blue plastic.

    Greg, yes mate, I have approx 130ish marines to add adapters to... it's a slow but worth it job.

    Zzzzzz, maybe these were the carbine version of the Bolter? Sacrificing accuracy, a good reason why they were over run by Orks on the cover of Rogue Trader!

  6. Way to break out the oldest minis in Squaduary! That's digging real deep in the closet of doom 😀


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