28 Feb 2017

Relictors Landspeeder Storm WIP - Getting more for your money

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. Keeping to my aim of this year to make a dent into the to-do pile and get some of those units on the table, one of my long purchased loafing boxes was a Landspeeder Storm. Well looking at the kit it doesn't make sense to me to build the kit with all the occupants in it, I prefer the idea of the Pilot and Gunner and an empty crew compartment I can place passenger models in if necessary.
Even a Space Marine would have difficulty staring into the on rushing wind, smoke and haze of the 41st Millennium battlefield, so following my Scout Bikers, these crewmen will have Pig Iron helmets which look great on Scouts I reckon.
That leaves four crewmen that come with the kit who are spare. The first crewman hangs out of the right-hand side of the Landspeeder, with one foot up on a step poses a problem for a base, so I added a rock and voila, one Scout in the field. I've swapped his hand from holding the rappelling lines to a CCW, not shown, off for ease of painting.
The second crewman is sitting on the left-hand side of the Landspeeder, his pose is sitting back but with some wedges (not stilettos honest!) which will be covered by the basing material, his pose becomes a bit more upright, and being the only left handed Bolter wielding Scout, I was keen to use him! He now looks like he is stalking forward.
The third crewman is the Sergeant, he stands looking out of the top of the open topped Landspeeder, but with the addition of a Bolt Pistol instead of a steadying hand, he is now ideally engaged in close-combat with the enemies of the God-Emperor!
The final member of the Landspeeder is sitting back reloading a Bolter but his legs were too prone, one tucked in and one pointing straight along the seat, so I cut his waist and plonked the torso on a spare pair of Scout legs, so now I have a walking Scout re-loading in the midst of battle (shows his lack of experience - fancy a SM running out of ammo mid battle!).

So, four Scouts with different poses, they will look great interspersed into other based Scouts in the field, adding some personality and character to the rank and file. And more importantly, 4 (ok 3.5) more models for minimal cost!

Cheers, Siph.


  1. Always good to make use of things like this!

    I've done some myself, though my own conversions are a little different to yours - in particular I've kept the one with the braced legs, but you'll have to wait and see what I've got planned for it!

    These look excellent though, and I like the idea of the alternative helmets!

  2. Fantastic work. They all look like very natural poses out of the Speeder. It'll make them much more useful.

  3. Great poses! And good job tackling the to do pile!


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