2 Mar 2017

Reaver Titan - WIP #8 - Comparisons

Hi One and All,

Just a quick post, following comments about the size comparison of the Reaver titan. Below are a few initial pics to compare with regular 40k models:


Here is the Laser Blaster and Gatling Blaster weapons by a Razorback and marine.
The Laser Blaster by a Knight.
The Titan Power Fist by a dreadnought.
 Gatling Blaster next to a Land Raider Spartan.
 The Reaver Titan Volcano Cannon (where has that appeared from?... )  by the XL chaos black spray can.
Head and Body:
The Knight again by the legs/body to show the height of the Reaver
 The Razorback by the titan's leg.
Princeps inside the body of the Reaver.
Reaver Head by Typhon Siege Tank and the Fellblade Superheavy Tank
Princeps next to the Head of the Reaver
Finally, a bigger comparison- the Reaver head by a Head of something a little bigger... (Where did that sneak in from! - Siph)
Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow, those pictures really show off how big the Reaver is. I've good used to how big they are after working on one.

  2. I think I like the knight by the body the most. Now to see it finushed beside its smaller sibling.

    Surprised of the Reaver head versus the Warlord head.

  3. Wait a. Minute... a Warlord Head! That's new! Sneaky bugger, trying to sneak a Warlord in to the next battle without announcing it? Ha ha

  4. Now there's a comparison I like - Warlord head by the reaver!

    looking forward to seeing how this comes out when it's done, it's looking great so far, I bet you can't wait to get paint on it!

  5. Must.





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