30 Mar 2017

Roboute Guilliman WIP mock ups and a third one

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This post is to follow up on my previous Roboute Guilliman post.

I've started building the 2 models, and thought I'd share a few comparisons of the 2, and a few potential conversion mock ups.

Firstly here are the 2 models side by side, the plastic version appears to be quite a bit larger than its Forge World twin.
 However the difference isn't so dramatic side by side.
 Of the two bases I like the Forge World version, its more 'statesman' as GW like to call Roboute, I would be tempted to use this base with the plastic version if the body position was better- the conversion in last months White Dwarf is nice, but I don't feel its a natural pose, and I'm not keen on the position of the left arm in it.
 The swords, well, there is only one winner here..
 The left arms are similar, the option to build the heavy bolter under the Forge World arm is an possibility, but then you have a sheath too small for the Emperor's Sword.
 The Heads are similar, the Forge World reminds me of 'the head' that I think was in a UK child's programme, 'Art Beat' from the early 90's.

Mock Ups- below are 2 versions with a combination of the 2 models, I do really like the overall look of the model (wrong head- this is the Grey Knights head from the GoS3 set) I am tempted to try and do this version at a later date, but I'd like to have the options of a 30k Guillliman and the 40k version.  But the look and pose I feel looks right for what they are doing with Guilliman in 40k.

Whats that? a third Guilliman??? This is a version I picked up a while ago, which doesn't look to bad as an alternative to the Forge World/GW ones. The kit has options for sword and bolter, or the fists of Macragge (Poor Marneus) or a combination of the two for the 40k configuration.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Your up to your eyes in Gulliman! I do like the GW version but I've always been a fan of the FW one. Looking forward to the finished comparison!

  2. That second mock up looks really good! Do that head and all.

  3. That's one expensive kitbash! Prefer FW model, though he is to me he blandest model in the character series.

  4. Looking good.

  5. Out of interest, where did you get the metal one from?

  6. I think the 3rd one was an eBay purchase - I can't recall the company.. sorry


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