20 Mar 2017

Necron Ghost Ark - or "How I learned to hate line highlighting..."

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in. Here is the latest and most colourful addition to the Necron Dynasty. A decent transport choice for the Necron Warriors, with repair boosts and durable Quantum Shielding.
The Gauss Flayer Arrays can independently fire broadsides at different enemy units, so this transport is good for driving up in between enemy units and hitting two from the sides, not forgetting Gauss can glance vehicles to death!
I love the look of this vehicle, unique to the Necrons and really cool looking, but the sub-title says it all - oh my, I thought drop pods were bad enough, but this takes the crown - each rib had to be line highlighted, there is no 'inside' to this vehicle, everything including the occupants is on show!
I painted this in sub assemblies, the ribs separately, the Command Throne, the console, the driver, the passengers, the largest crescent and the engine intakes with (now partially obscured) fine gold detailing ankh... but the line highlighting took forever. Some ofthe largest bits were drybrushed but the inner details and ribs were all patiently highlighted.
That said, it gave me a great sense of achievement and satisfaction when finally constructed and finished. I think it looks pretty darn awesome, would I paint another one - I'll wait to see how it performs on the battlefield. But I'm sure I will grab a Doomsday Barge eventually, so more ribs to do in the future. That said not for now, this is a definite one ticked off the to-do pile, its been a long time waiting in undercoated sub-assemblies, feels good to complete it.
Here is a close up of the crew and passengers, and the repair scarabs busy repairing the damaged/wounded exo-skeletons of the embarked Warriors.
And the driver, come Lord overseer whose depleted ranks are getting repaired and back into the fight!
Finally, a scenic shot, thanks for reading this far! Cheers, Siph.


  1. I agree, it looks great! Well done.

  2. Nice work on this one!

    I feel your pain on those ribs. I went the route of dual purposing some of mine courtesy of extra bits and magnets, and my God was it ever time-consuming. They looked pretty when done, but man....

  3. Fair play, it looks well in the end. Always loved the look of it as a carrier.

  4. Oh god, you just triggered hours of repressed highlighting memories!!

    I feel your pain, even though I parted with my 'Crons a while ago. Your effort was worth it, looks great!

  5. It does look great. Hopefully all that line highlighting will dissuade owners of 'cron armies from buying them....

  6. The pain was all worth it, it looks fab :)

  7. Thanks everyone, now the pain is dulling I'm liking the idea of another one... but not yet, have the to-do pile this year, maybe next year! Sorry TheGunGrave for reliving your pain ha ha. And #2501 magnets is maybe the way forward for the next one, I'll check out a few tutorials, cheers.

  8. Job well done. It was well worth the pain train.

  9. hoo-boy! did two of these, and thought I was gonna go insane.


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