9 Mar 2017

Daemons WIP Bloodthirster and Skarbrand

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The titan progress has slowed a little, I'm looking for a good day to start adding paint to the body. Excited!

However I thought I'd share my other WIP (of which there are many... LH), a couple of Bloodthirsters. I've built one as the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage, which is the the flying D weapon one. I really like the overall look of the Bloodthirster with the double handed axe. I've gone f true Khorne colours, with the skin a Blood red colour, with black flesh as the wings (picture below with Skarbrand). The armour plating is a combination of silver and gold.
The double handed axe is looking far too clean. This will be getting a few 'blood for the blood god' layers on it for good measure. (Picture Below with Skarbrand's)

The second Bloodthirster is Skarbrand, I've always like the back story with Skarbrand, and had looked to convert him, however the moment the model came out I had to have one!
I'm still in two minds whether to add the chest plate and guards onto the model, either way looks right, I plan to review once all sub parts are painted and then see which looks correct in my eyes..
Again the axes need more blood on them!
Below are the pairs wings, Skarbrand I've opted to go for red skin up to the joint, and then a combination of black with brown- the back story is that his wings were destroyed, and he isn't a flyer- thus his wings wouldn't ever be used- so I went for a necrosed look, rather than a healthy looking red tone- like the rest of him.
Interestingly enough Skarbrand looks good added to the body of the normal Bloodthirster, this could make an interesting conversion maybe? the only issue would be to modify the wings to fit, and to then convert the other Bloodthirster to sit right with Skarbrand's body.
Thank for looking!


  1. Looking very nice!

    The weapons in particular have a nice gnarly look about them, especially the leather strappings.

  2. I have wanted a Skarbrand model for ages, he looks ace and the background is amazing.
    You are doing a good job on it.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys!

  4. Do the wings if the normal bloodthirster fit skarbrands body?


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