25 Mar 2017

Terrain and Scenery - Rubble - Using those sprue offcuts

Hi Readers, if you are like me you'll have plenty of sprue leftovers and those red range rulers from certain box sets. Well, don't throw it all away, use it all to improve your scenery.
Here I have a pot where I occasionally chop up and place bits of old kits, sprue offcuts and now those range rulers I had in a box set and never used. So, recycling unwanted offcuts and range rules...
This provides me with the raw materials needed. Larger 'bricks' from the range rules...
Smaller 'bricks' from the sprue offcuts, I tend only to use the straight bits, not the curved or text stamped bits, there is plenty of straight sprue pieces especially with the Rhino kit! Loads of nice straights, some of which you can save for reinforced iron bars in buildings etc.
To use them, simply pour some PVA (Elmers) glue and then pour over the bricks, this provides the random pattern. Once the glue is dry (about 4-8hrs or overnight) I then liberally apply Plastic Cement where the bricks meet eacth other giving a strong bond. Then spray, paint whatever you do to colour your buildings. These Shrine of the Aquila were sprayed Zandri Dust, washed Agrax Earthshade and drybrushed Ushabti Bone.
Here I have used some rubble to extend the pile of rubble from Battlefield in a Box, on the base of a Pegasus Hobbies Gothic Church building. These were codex dry, drybrushed Administratum Grey.
And finally, some rubble around the ends of the Ruins adds some realism and interest I reckon. These Abbadon Black, drybrushed Grey and the effect  is improved with heavy drybrushes and over brushes of the colours you use for the bases, in this case, Mournfang Brown, Kommando Khaki (not sure of new name) and Ushabti Bone.

Hopefully this is a nice hobby life hack if you didn't know it already ;)  Cheers, Siph.


  1. It is a good idea and glad more people use it, I was just doing that today for my knights base.

  2. That's labor intensive. Get yourself an old school hand cranked metal meat grinder and just feed the sprues through that. Instant rubble. Remember to take the cover off and don't use the wife's or you'll be picking sprue out of your meals for years to come ;)

  3. I've thought about doing it when I assembled my terrain. I'm not a big fan of assembly so I didn't want to go the extra mile. It makes a big difference though so well done for putting in that extra effort.

  4. I sharpen one end and make battleground spikes in exactly the same way. Also - try getting model razor wire and wrapping it around/between them as posts - looks good.

  5. Genius! Way to make good use of the left overs. I like 6th's idea of steaks as well


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