28 Mar 2017

#MonsterMarch - Facehugger Week 3(ish)

Hi everyone - the final week of #MonsterMarch and I can unveil the last steps and finished work. For everyone else's updates, check out the Swordmaster of Hoeth blog here.

So when I left off, I had gotten down a base layer, initial wash and first over/dry-brush. From there I then gave the model a wash in Agrax Earthshade to add more shadows and darken the overall scheme.

Then it was back to the drybrush steps, first up a dry brush of Tallarn Sand again to take us back to the primary base colour.

Then a lighter dry brush of Karak Stone.

Finally a very light drybrush of Ushtabi Bone - just for some highlights. At this point the skin is pretty much done. I used some thinned blue wash to paint on some veins on the bladder-y bits (??? no idea what else to call them) and brushed again over them with Ushtabi Bone just to make them look like they are below the layer of skin. Not completely sold on the effect - but it looks ok.

For the 'mouth' area, I had been drybrushing the same as everywhere else and just gave it a wash of Crimson Carrionburg and Reikland Fleshshade - which is my go-to wash recipe of red fleshy bits.

The nails were painted in the same body colours - loosely blending into each other.

Once everything had dried, I hit it up with a matt varnish and then gloss varnished the 'mouth' and nails to give the a wet and shiny look.

Job done!

Thanks for reading - hopefully this will get me back into painting smaller models now - we'll see...


  1. Wow that looks really well. Now burn it and never show it to anyone again. *shudder*

  2. Agree - this looks ace. Nice work for something that started out a bit off looking in its bare state.

  3. Very us settling...which means you did an awesome job!

  4. Very cool. And very disturbing. Especially the pink bits.

  5. Yes, great job, unsettling pink fleshy parts, but true to Gigers vision I guess ;) Now get on with more Iron Warriors and Tyranids especially if 8th rumours on Movement and Chargers striking first!

  6. Man that's creepy. Job well done. I'm excited for the new movie.


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