17 Mar 2017

#MonsterMarch - Facehugger Week 2

Into week 2 now of #MonsterMarch and all is going well so far... You can check out other peoples updates on the Swordmaster of Hoeth blog.

Last week I managed to get the facehugger model all built, filled and prepped for painting. Normally in the past the painting steps I have gone through this week would have been done in an hour or two - but a) I'm still not back into my rhythm yet and b)painting something of this scale is pretty tricky - it takes about an hour to do one complete pass of the model - and then there are difficulties like trying to hold the thing. Also - soooooooooo much paint is being used (which isn't cheap when it's all GW stuff...)!

So I started out by giving the model an undercard in Zandri Dust - I have a paint recipe for fleshtones using 'sand' colours, so this was an ideal start.

Next up was a base coat in Tallarn Sand.

At this stage I got a bit confused and forgot my paint recipe - I know all the individual colours, but can't remember the order of some washes/coats - so from here on out we'll see how it turns out...

Gave the facehugger a coat of Reikland Fleshshade and wow - the detail immediately popped and the model started coming into its own.

After the initial wash, the entire model got overbrushed with Tallarn Sand again and that is as far as I've got. Looking pretty good so far though - don't you think?

Next up is another wash and then a few drybrushes and most of the flesh will be finished.


  1. So cool...it looks big! Is it 1:1 scale?

  2. It looks great with the basecoats on, great transformation. Gotta love Zandri Dust, did you use the spray?

  3. Hi neverness - yup it's 1:1 scale...best part of 4 feet long!

    Cheers Siph - yeah, Zandri spray.

  4. Wow. Looking creepy and really good.


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