23 Mar 2017

Bloodthirster / Skarbrand WIP #2

 Hi- thanks for dropping by!

Up today is an update on my WIP Bloodthirster and Skarbrand that I posted a few weeks ago.

I'm making steady progress with the two- I' looking at one final level of extreme highlights for the skin to pick up the muscle definition, and then to detail the feet and ankles. The bases needs a final dry brush to highlight also.

 Skarbrand's face has had a lot of attention to pick out the detail. I'm still need get the eyes and horns done, I think for the damaged horns I'm going to finish them with a black edge- again trying to show that the horn has necosis,  like I've done with the wings. The good, 'healthy' horns will be completed with a lighter edge as a contrast.
Thanks for looking!


  1. They are looking well. Fair play for doing the both at once.

  2. Thanks for the comment- I thought it would be best to try doing them at the same time to try to make sure the skin tones are similar..


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