4 Mar 2017

Hobby Area Lighting Improvements - Daylight LED Lamps

Hi Readers, thanks for popping in. I wanted to share this upgrade with hobbyists out there, specifically UK or Europe based as the supplier is UK based, but I've included the details of the lamps so wider area hobbyists can also do a search on the popular auction sites for the same.
The great improvement over the existing lamps I had is the fact that the light is a "daylight-like" white 6W LED, not warm yellow incandescent bulbs. I have a magnifying lamp in the centre from which I do my painting as my eyes are not getting any younger and I can now actually see those details! It also prevents eye strain. But the other great feature is that these new lamps are clamped to the desk, freeing up loads of desk space where the weighted bottoms used to have to sit. This also means they can be clamped to vertical surfaces or undersides of shelving for those hobbyists with even less desk space.
Here was my older set up, you can see the weighted bottom of the lamp on the right. Much better now. The clamps fit desk thicknesses of up to 1.5in, the height of a standard GW paint pot, the cord is about 2m long
Here's the description and UK seller ID. They are just shy of £20 GBP. Upgrade your lights, totally worth it. Search for - Modern Silver Adjustable Clamp LED Desk Lamp Light.


  1. The luminescence/warmth of the light makes all the difference in the world. Getting something that's daylight, a more pure white, to paint by changes everything.

    That looks like a good light. I've also got a clamping light, and it is nice to have it out of the way, not taking up space.

  2. Nice lamps. I have a couple of fold ups for nice photos and painting. My work station is portable (think a cutting mat) so I couldn't use these😔

  3. Just get a bigger house....

    Loadsa room for lamps without clamps.

    Easily justifiable to 'er indoors, "We need a bigger house to make more space for my hobbies".

  4. Def a good upgrade. It really does make such a huge difference to painting, and does ease eye strain too I find. Those lamps look a good find. A decent price too

  5. Cheers everyone, hopefully it helps someone. Already enjoying the nice bright white lights :)

  6. You can work on your tan while you paint. Hmm, wait a second. I could do with some vitamin d myself.

  7. Hey there, I used to use a halogen daylight bulb in my lamp and that thing was hotter than hell and if you bumped it (in my case with my head) it would physically break or just fail. Since I switched to LED I have had no problems at all and the light it there instantly as there was a bit of a wait for the old Halogen to get up to full power.

    I can't believe that I used to paint by an old yellow-ish filament bulb like a freakin mole person :)


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