21 Feb 2017

Terrain and Scenery - Gamemat.eu Pre-Painted Desert Rocks Set

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping by. I saw these reviewed on Winters SEO You Tube channel, (BTW, check his channel out, great battle reports!) and I already had some Containers and the Battle Mat from Gamemat.eu, so I knew they are a good company. If you are in Europe or UK, check them out for Battle Mats and Scenery!
So this arrived, only a week after I ordered which is not bad at all from Europe.
The terrain is very well packed for transit.
Each piece is well protected and individually bagged.
Out of the box, the full set.
Here is the biggest Mesa piece. Space Marine for scale. A nice LOS blocking piece and a flat top for placing those Devastators.
The second largest piece, a Butte. Taller than it is wider, and great for LOS blocking too. Not too heavy, dense resin but slightly hollow I reckon.
Then the scatter pieces of rock, 5x2 sets of identical pairs, each turned around to show the different sides. These are all solid resin.
Two arched formations.
Two tall rock pillars, and the last two scatter rocks.
Two shorter rock pillars, shown next to one of the taller columns, and a Space Marine again for scale.
So, here is the whole set, that is a 6x4 foot table and this set alone provides almost enough scenery. Add a few buildings or some more terrain, a desert temple or something and you are good to go. Straight out of the box and a decent paint job, 9/10 for Gamemat.eu, the dropped point is only for price. I think its quite fair, decent detail and decent paintjob, but it might be out of some peoples budgets.
Oh, and the underside of the resin is smooth and painted so everything is steady and easily moved and won't damage your playing surface. Great product, I'm a very happy customer.

Cheers, Siph.


  1. Those look pretty nice for sure. Strong play.

  2. Very nice looking stuff! The pieces go quite nicely with the mat too.

  3. Nice review! I was thinking about getting one of these sets. Thanks!

  4. I'm going to have to make an order with Gamemat one of these days.

  5. Look great! Tip for the underside. A bit of felt will grab the mat really good (if it is a mouse pad style mat). I never realized this until I got a set of objective markers with felt on the bottom of them. They do not slide on the mat!

  6. They look good. How easy would it be to copy the scheme?

  7. Oops sorry, I meant how easy would it be to copy the rock paint scheme to add in other rocks, or to intergrate buildings into rocks?

  8. Thanks for commenting peeps. Greg, nice tip, i'll see how they go, the only thing with felt pads on bottom is it will raise them, but I'm sure if needed I could source some thin felt. Col H, yes mate, easily do-able to paint or modify. I'm thinking about adding a watchtower type platform to a 'knob rock' pinnacle or the butte.


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