26 Feb 2017

Squaduary - RTB01 Tactical Squad Completed

Hi Readers, thanks for dropping by and having a look-see. Here is my completed pledge for Squaduary for the month of February.  I had these RTB01 marines sitting about for an age, and another squad since 1989...
For those who might be wondering what Squaduary was, its all about building and painting a squad in February and was a hobby related event being run by Stepping Between Games. A great way to get motivated to paint some of those miniatures lurking in the cupboard of doom To-Do pile. I'm sure it will be a regular feature for upcoming years!
These were painted my usual scheme for the Relictors Chapter. Using Codex Grey/Dawnstone or Army Painter Uniform Grey spray, washed with Nuln Oil, highlighted Administratum Grey.
The Banner stripe denotes a Tactical Squad, and the green colour denote the 4th Company, I already have 6 Tactical Squads for the 5th Company, and one for the 4th Company... quite a few Marines now!
I had to re-arm the Sergeant with a FW Bolt Pistol and the Specialist with a Spellcrow Gravity Gun as a counts-as Grav Gun. The original weapons were damaged.
The Missile Launcher is the original, FW do an updated version if you like this style, I also painted the Missiles yellow to match the rest of the force, and the Sergeant has a few spare reloads.
The second half of the squad have the Bolters, on the left the empty hand was replaced with a modern grenade hand as the pose was a asking for it. The middle Marine has his original Bolt Pistol drawn, They are tiny!
The rear shot showing the Combat Blades and the holstered Bolt Pistols.

Thanks to all the participants of Squaduary for the motivation, and to Stepping Between Games for organizing this great event, cheers. Siph.


  1. Looking good there! Great to see some classics brought back to life.

    Btw, did you use plastic bond on your Titans? If so how is the glue holding?

  2. I'm jealous that you've finished with time to spare! They look great.

    I need to get on with finishing mine up now, you've inspired me!

  3. Cheers Blazmo, here to help, that's what Squaduary is good for, got me motivated.

    Col H, the JB Plastic Weld is still rock solid and hard as resin. It's still great. You thinking of swapping bond? How's the Metal Weld? Hopefully still strong as nails?

  4. Cheers Siph, still using the metal weld, but the drying times are a killer. I need something that dries quicker, but still has the same level of strength. JB kwik never seemed to fully dry, hence the search for something new.

  5. Those turned out nice! Good work!

  6. Fantastic! A great blast from the past, nicely done!

  7. Well done chief, they are looking really well. Congrats for getting to the finish line.

  8. I'll have to find some RTB01s. They're in there somewhere.

  9. Awh. I had 40 of these guys. I used to think they were amazing (my first minis when I was a kid). I even went as far as making little beds for each of them . . . . oh to be young and weird. . . . .
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Good job. Nice to see some of the RT models come out to play. The thing that cracks me up about these models is that they look like they are dropping a poopie in their armour.

  11. Thank you everyone.
    Zzzzzz, go dig them out of the closet of doom!
    Drake, mine had Skeleton Warriors converted bits, they were like an early LotD
    Turkadactyl, yep, all of them squatting... lol

  12. Awesome work Siph! Classic models done so well!


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