2 Feb 2017

Ultramarines Fellblade, Typhon and Spartan - WIP

Hi, one and all,

I thought I'd post a few pics of my heavy support units for my Ultramarines- in the form of a Typhon, a Spartan and a Fellblade!
I really like the look of the Typhon - looking how I feel the vindicator should look, menacing with a huge weapon on the front. I've added the lascannons as sponson options to have some extra punch for dealing with tanks. To finish I need to add transfers, as well as honours and purity seals.
Next up the Spartan, another great looking tank, and rules wise is pretty good on the 40K battlefield. Like the Typhon I need to add honours to the tank, and transfers.

I'm looking at adding a touch of white to the vehicles - I've started adding white as a way of breaking up the blue, (see the Fellblade below) which I've also done for other models, including dreadnoughts and flyer's and really like the results.
The Fellblade I think has benefited with the addition of the white to break up the blue colour, again I'll be adding transfers and honours to the vehicle. I opted to paint the marines as veterans with white trim and helmets which works well with the additional white portion of the turret.  I'm also looking to further additions of weathering to the tracks and armour to all 3 tanks.
Thanks for looking... (more Reaver updates next week... :) Cheers, Lord Halfpenny (Half Painting Points for these - get them finished! - Siph)


  1. Impressive fleet! Nice work so far.

  2. Awesome tanks on an awesome board. Jealous of both!

    Be good to see some of the weemen at Double Trouble

  3. Lovely. All three. I need some more D Weapons...

  4. Nice big guns mate. Nah.... I'll just Gauss these to death! Ha ha

  5. That white takes these closer to Heresy... very good job, these tanks are stunning!

  6. You do not want to see that rolling towards your lines. Pain train!

  7. Lovely set of tanks there sir. I like the added white as well as it helps emphasise the profile of the turret.

  8. Cheers for all the positive comments!

    From the Fang- I'll have to let you know about Double Trouble- there is a work conference around the same date..

  9. No problem mate. As I said, be good to see you guys again.


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