23 Feb 2017

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan - WIP #7 - Titan Power Fist

Hi one and all! thanks for looking!

Up next is the Titan arm I've built and really wanted to share the pictures rather than the comparison pics - that will be next, I promise.

I decided to have the option of a Titan Power Fist as firstly I really like the look of it, it fits the old school look of the Reaver I remember with a right ranged weapon, and left arm a CC one. It also looks very similar to one of my favourite moments in the classic 'Transformers Movie (the G1 version, not the new Bay stuff), where Unicron transforms into robot mode to attack Cybertron - there is a close up of his hand  as it smashes into the planet - The Reaver hand has a similar look.
I've built the arm similar to the other arms- with a screw embedded into the arm to then lock into the shoulder mount. This was the key reason I wanted to do the shoulders this way, as the Fist Shoulder doesn't have a ball joint like the others, thus to magnetise it would have meant being more accurate with the placement of the magnets/cutting into the joint etc. I'm happy with the results.
Its a sizeable fist! I've not glued the hand to the arm yet as I am looking at maybe magnetising this joint to allow rotation.

Below are pictures of the fist mounted to the body of the titan.
 The Reaver likes to dance.
This isn't the final pose of the titan, its angled to the right due to the weight of the right arm. Once its fixed into position I am hoping it will be more upright.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That is huge. Really surprises me everytime I see how big the Reavers are.

  2. I do love the titan Power Fists, they are probably my favourite part of them.

  3. I've actually thought about JUST buying the warlord titan's fist, just to have as a model on the shelf!

  4. Great fist. Hope you have more luck with yours than I had with mine!

  5. Looking forward to seeing it dancin' with its head on....


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