30 Jan 2017

Relictors Limited Edition Terminator Chaplains - Mine and Charity Giveaway Winner Nick

Well folks, thanks for dropping by, something quite special today, two Limited Edition WHW Terminator Chaplains! Firstly mine, its taken me a fair while doing bits and pieces and refining my golds, and next up...
This is Nick Thrower's Terminator Chaplain. Check out his blog where his Dusk Knights Chapter marines live, The Burning Eye a great blog and a nice chap I've met before at BlogWars friendly tournament.  The lovely weathered cloak is what first caught my eye, blue to fit in with the Dusk Knights colour scheme. A great job, I got the photo through whilst doing mine so it gave me plenty of ideas and inspiration. Nick took no time at all to get his finished, he is a speedy painter!

Nick won this during my charity giveaway late last year, drawn on Christmas day, the giveaway raised a nice tidy sum for Cancer Research and his donation won him this through a random number giveaway, well deserved. Thank-you to all the donations received.

Well, when he received his Chaplain through the post he suggested we paint them up together and post at the same time which I thought was a great idea, so after some time waiting for me to catch up, here they are. They both look great imho. Maybe they'll meet each other across the battlefield one day, either at WHW or maybe Alex's Double Trouble this summer.
So,what did I do with mine. I raised the base slightly using a bit of hardboard, befitting of his status as a Limited Edition character. His flowing robes flow better in the wind up there!
This sculpt has so much bling, I wanted the cloak plain and the Storm Bolter casing dark, with a little gold decoration.  The power cables are green to match my Relictor Terminators and provide a spot of colour and match the green laurels on the shoulder pads.
I was quite pleased with the shading on the cloak, I used Dheneb Stone as a base coat, washed in recesses with Agrax Earthshade and Sepia all over, with highlights of the original Dheneb Stone, as with other Relictor characters, I did the inside of the cloak a rich red.
I followed the Warhammer TV guide on painting Custodes for practice before I attempt my Custodes, but this model gave me the perfect practice, Retributor Gold, Flesh Wash, Auric Armour Gold and Liberator Gold highlight. What a wonderful colour Liberator Gold is! Usually I give a final highlight of Runefang Steel on my Golds, but with Liberator Gold I felt it unnecessary.
There was so much detail on this sculpt, a wonderful mini if you are lucky enough to get hold of one!
Here is a shot with my other Terminator Chaplain, two great sculpts I reckon. Here you can see the loads of detail here on the front piece of the mini - if you are painting up one, I really recommend doing it in sub assemblies so you can get to both sides of this bit and the legs and inside of cloak.
And yes, I like Chaplain models, the religious fervor of the Emperor encased in ceramite! Thanks for dropping by. Siph


  1. Well, if a chapter ever needed Chaplins, it's prolly your lot....

    Great figure, btw.

  2. Lovely work, man! I really dig how he turned out!

  3. I do love the OTT look of that model and you did it justice.

  4. Thanks everyone, it was a joy to paint albeit took a while with all that detail!


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