19 Jan 2017

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan - WIP #3

Hello! thanks for popping by, another week, another post..
Another real quick post, The torso and pelvis has been magnatised to allow the model to be taken appart for transportation and storage.
I've had to bore into the model to get the magnets in postion - the fit isn't too bad, the only 'issue' is that there is a slight gap at the rear of the model. This shouldn't be an issue though as the torso and body section will prevent this being visible.
Thanks again!


  1. Such a quick and simple post for something which in concept sounds so easy.

    I'll bet it wasn't...

  2. Looking good matey. Don't worry about the gap at the back it shouldn't get any worse than that even after you add the torso on top of it. Mine had a missive forward lean on it (unintentional!) but you could barely see the gap, don't worry about it.

  3. Oh man, that looks like one of those crazy magnets. Be careful around that one!

  4. thanks again for the comments, it wasn't the easiest and took many goes to get the magnets lined up prior to sticking them into position.

    Greg- indeed- crazy magnets.. i've worked with proper scary magnets (in an MRI scanner) so I should be alright!


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