13 Jan 2017

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan - WIP #2

Hi One and All,

Another quick Reaver post to update on progress,

I've started with the legs, and aimed to get the Reaver in a slight 'striding with purpose' pose, with one foot stood on the Rhino, the other aimed to be slightly up, as if walking forward. The hope is by spreading the weight of the body across the legs that should prevent any falls.
Each leg/knee/hip joint was pinned and then fixed using JB Plastic Weld, a two part epoxy resin, mega strong! Rubber bands were used to secure the joints in place as it set.
The plan will be to drill additional pins through the pelvis section into the hip ball to add strength to secure the model, - I intend to have the hip/body section magnetised, thus there will be a lot of force on this joint when the two are 'pulled' apart.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice pose for the model, also, nice pose to get access for the hip pistons. I love seeing Titans grow!

  2. Good stuff so far, nice progress. What is JB weld?

  3. Rory, JB Weld is a two part epoxy resin which is touch dry in 5mins and sets harder than resin after 24hrs. Excellent for when super glue can't hack it, ideal for Titan builds. There's a pic here in this post

    There is a metal one too, but I use the JB Weld Plastic variety.

    Good progress Lord H, nice to see it grow as Col H says

  4. I'm just day dreaming now; but would a splayed leg, semi crouch 'gunfighter' pose work ?

  5. Rory, just to elaborate on siphs comment, JB weld is a car engine glue. It's got a much higher strength than superglue. It is also very humidity resistant. I use the metal one as it forms better bond. Just don't get JB Kirk thought, this never fully hardens as it's more for spot repairs.

  6. thanks for the comments!

    Zzzzzz- love that Idea! it might work- the issue would be getting the toes and foot pose as its limited by the piston length and articulation of the join..


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