26 Jan 2017

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan - WIP #4


I'm slowly working through the model, next up the torso!
I've pinned all the rear potion and shoulder mounts to the body, however these aren't glued in yet- I think it'll be easier to have these parts as seperate pieces for painting.
Each part has been pinned in several places, with the shoulders having 4 pins each. I've angled these to hopefully prevent the weight of the shoulders pulling away from the body. There is a slight gap with the rear portion, this will be filled with green stuff, if needed
And here is the picture of the Reaver so far!
Thanks for looking!


  1. That is a big fella. Coming together well though, bravo.
    Drop some size comparison shots in the next one please?

  2. Looking good! What weapons are you going for, are you magnetising the head and weapons?

  3. Weirdly exciting, watching someone I've never met build a complex resin robot toy 60 miles south. The human condition and bloggin' and the 30/40k hobby venn diagram is complete...

  4. I'll get some comparison shots up next Rory- got a few ideas to make it look good..

    I've got a selection of weapons Clo. Hertford, I'll be doing a post once they are ready.. I'm not sure if to mag the head,I think I will, as got the mag's to do it..

    Thanks Zzzzzz I'm as excited to get this model finished and on the table to use..


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