3 Jan 2017

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch - Fallen UM

Happy New Year Readers, thanks for dropping in and checking out our humble corner of the Blogosphere. Here is my latest addition to the fledgling Chaos Daemons force, I was building as a purely summoned Daemon force for my Relictor SM Librarians cold summon using Malefic Daemonology - for pure fluff reasons, Relictors fight Chaos with Chaos. But, I thought a Daemon Prince was a great miniature, and I could make this force a small Allied Force for either Lord Halfpenny or 6thDegree to team up with. I stress a small force! I am not committing to another large Army! I have too many projects on the go...
Here you can see that this was indeed a Ultramarine once, this is purely for revenge on Lord Halfpenny for painting up his Daemon Prince as a fallen Relictor Marine! Ha Ha... got you back! It also doubles as a nice way to use blue, a rather fetching colour for a Daemon of Tzeentch.
I couldn't paint him without pants, so he got some Action Man style blue spray-on pants!
The wings were washed with Ogryn Fleshtone so mark them as leathery sheets different from the spines, the main body colours were Zandri Dust, Ushabti Bone, Rotten Flesh and washed Agrax Earthshade after the base coat of Zandri Dust.
The axe was finished off with some Blood For the Blood God effects, the blue armour Kantor Blue and Temple Guard Blue highlights, and the Brass was from Game Colour.
Something different for me, and totally refreshing to paint a Daemon after Relictors and Necrons. Really enjoyed the experience and look forward to fielding him as a nuisance flying Daemon Prince like Lord Halfpenny does to me! Cheers, Siph.


  1. It looks great but *cough* Titan *cough*.

    Also, a nice little force of deamons you have there. Would be perfect with Magnus at the helm...

  2. Looks ace. Who doesn't need some more Tzeentch demons in their life?

  3. "Refreshing Deamons ?" Can't get more Relictor than that.

  4. @ Col H, *Cough, what Titan? Oh, that Titan... yes yes, it will get some progress this year... too cold to set up airbrush in garage, but I need to progress with superstructure base coat first so no excuse, just laziness.

    @ Rory, exactly, might have a Lord of Change coming, but he is a tricky beastie that one!

    @ Zzzzzz, I don't like what you are implying... we are totally loyal ;)

  5. @ Siph, it appears the plastic LoC may be due out very soon...

  6. Spray on action man pants. Nice touch. ;)


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