6 Jan 2017

Legio Crucius - Reaver Titan - WIP #1

Hi one and all,

As you may have seen in a previous years post, I own a Reaver titan, purchased at the same time as Siph's 'Honorum', numbered 10, mine number 11, and for some time (eons! - Siph) it has been sitting unbuilt, waiting for me to take on the challenge to build it and the confidence to do it!

As the only member of Weemen to not have a FW titan (*cough Armorcast, *cough Knights *cough Mega Massive Imperator piece) the time has come to bite the bullet and get it done! so 2017-2018 will be the years I will complete the Reaver!
Currently all that is built is the base, with the inner parts of the Rhino from the battlescape built, and of course the corpse of a dead Relictor inside (obviously playing with Chaos books...), the interior is painted. My plan is to jigsaw the base so its slightly smaller, and shaped so that it isn't square, then will look to paint the base similar to that of a normal base. The Rhino might have a shade of 'Relictor' grey, or Iron Warrior silver. I'm not sure yet.
I'll look to post images and details as I progress with the build...

Wish me luck!


  1. Awesome. I really hope you make plenty of regular updates as you go - I love seeing Titan builds, they let me live vicariously as if I had one myself ;)

  2. I will watch with interest. What legio will it be?

    Also Has siph bullied you into joining Titan Owners Club?

  3. Good man get it done! It's a very rewarding experience!

  4. It's a long overdue Titan my friend, look forward to seeing it come along.

    @ Col H, it's already on TOC mate, I made sure Lord Halfpenny did that! Ha ha

  5. Loving the ambition chief, knock it out of the park. I am really liking the wrecked rhino with work done inside.

  6. Thanks for all the comments- lets all enjoy the journey together!

    Indeed, Siph did get me to sign up on the Titan Owners Club Col. Hertford.

    I've got an idea about the legio I'm going for, but I'm looking at two options at the moment..


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