16 Jan 2017

WeeMen 2017 Hobby Goals - Not Resolutions Honest...

Hello Readers, So a somewhat belated Hobby Resolutions type post from us at WeeMen. We don't really do the Resolution type thing as that is usually the path to disappointment and the dark side. But, some hobby goals to focus our HB disease can't hurt - "Hobby Butterfly" and here are a few photos to show the severity of Siph's hobby to-do piles, blessed huge piles... a serious plastic and resin krak habit... I am very fortunate to have really ;) I know many hobbyists would love to be in this situation, I am very fortunate - but I work hard and have disposable income - its better than p*ssing it up the wall on beer.
This is under the games table - so 3 Knights, a Chapterhouse extended StormRaven, BatC boxset, FW kits - Caestus Assault Ram, StormEagle, Demios Predator, Land Raider Spartan among other things...
Ah, the Necron to-do pile
And a Space Marine pile...
And a drawer full of goodies... what could that be on top with a key?? Not something i'm gonna attempt, but awesome all the same! Any guesses?
And under the hobby desk... yes a Warlord, more Tau, Necrons, Genestealer Cult and Space Marines...
The hobby desk itself, I'm trying to clear that first, a Ghost Ark currently under construction, lots of SM Devastators and some Tau Stealth Suits and lots of Limited Edition blister packs, one under construction too...
Oh, and a Fellblade I bought on release at Gamesday! Still loafing... Lord Halfpenny had to wait for his another six months but is further ahead on construction of his UM version.

So, to the meat of the post. My hobby goal - to crack some of this in 2017 rather than buy lots of new shiny toys. I will still buy the splash release limited editions and painting supplies etc, but I will 'try' to limit my spending in 2017. A goal, not a finite resolution.

Lord Halfpenny has started his hobby goals, posting on the blog more regularly (four posts in 2016) and doing the FW Reaver Titan he bought on first release, FW Reaver Number 11; re-base his Ultramarines to new 32mm bases; finish off his vehicles and minis using transfers; finish 2nd Company Ultramarines(!); complete some Terrain; finish his Imperial Knights and have more actual Battles!

6thDegree has more modest goals, start painting again, get his mojo back; and if that happens paint the Decimator; Perturabo; his 2nd Warhound Titan; some 30k Characters and an Alien 1:1 scale Face Hugger (not strictly 40K but worthy of a post here!)

How are you all managing your plastic krak and resin addictions? Do you have a bad case of the hobby to-do piles? If so, send me a link to the photo evidence and i'll include here too :)

Here is to a productive hobby 2017 to all of you. I wish you well.


  1. Is that one of the old, limited metal Thunderhawks in that box with the key?

    My horde is terrible to look upon sometimes, but as you say, better plastic crack than another kind. Best of luck reducing it this year - the one goal I stick to is to sell/paint more than I buy so the pile of unpainted at least stays level or shrinks but not grows.

  2. My hobby year has got off to a flying start with the stock piling of six of these http://ratgard.com/index.php/2015/11/27/vampyrum-surface-to-air-missile-system/ for future integration to the ASL. These are already in transit (I hope).

    Now, my justification for this is that with "only" the six DKK Hyrdae and two shoulder launched man portable AA missile squads (deliberately modelled and painted as such), my army seemed a bit light on AA. So when the ratgard kits arrive from the far east, I'll need to find six Chimera kits as donor/base models. I did used to keep a stock of six chimerae in order to service just this sort of 'requirement'. But I eventually figured out that such behaviour was just fuelling rampant expansionism. And its not like I'm in a real arms race with anyone.

    obtw, if you've got a fellblade in a shoe box and a Warlord under your desk, I'm hoping that if there's something there you're keeping locked away, that it's illegal. Or immoral. Or both.

  3. I'm going to show this post to the wife so she can see it's not just me who hordes kits!

    Oh and Zzzzzz, I look forward to seeing what those Vampyrum's are like.

  4. It's great to have goals, to keep you on target. i suppose I should sort out a goals post and think what I'm doing next. I'm still butterflying at the moment (albeit in a more structured way).

    I guess, At the moment I'm trying to build stuff to get rid of boxes. Is rare for an assembled mini to take up less space than the box it come in.

  5. You've seen mine, but I'm seriously impressed as to what you've got going on there!

  6. I have been trying to come to terms with the notion that I have models than I can paint in my lifetime but I can't seem to figure out what to let go nor can I seem to stop wanting more.

  7. I have never had that much stuff let alone that much unbuilt. Madness, madness I say!

  8. @ Frothing Muppet, good eye, spot on, one of the very 'Eavy Metal Thunderhawks from the limited 500 run back in the day. ( numbered 40,000 to 40,500) but I'm holding out for a plastic one. It's a lovely wooden box too.

    @ Zzzzzz, looking forward to seeing your Flakk tanks, they look awesome! More AA needed... ha ha. And afraid it's not illegal or immoral, just heavy metal!

    @ Courtney, glad I can help! Ha ha

    @ Col H, you put me to shame with multiple Warlord builds!

    @ Nick, indeed I have... sorry I added to your pile with the charity prize ;)

    @ Neverness, sounds like you have a case of the HB Piles too! I found it refreshing to set a goal this year, and to clear the hobby desk, that stuff in the closet of doom can be dipped into whenever if you have a clear desk / tidy mind.

    @ Rory, there is time for catch up in 2017... you will get more ;)

  9. I'm not sure I dare take a pic of my backlog in case my partner sees it ;)

  10. I've been selling off my backlog. New rule. Have to finish a project, or sell off an old one, before i get a new one! :)

  11. Your to do list is about the same size as mine. I will be commissioning some of my projects out. Just not enough time to get them done. I'll finish my Tyranid, Carcharodons, Sisters, Grey Knights and Sylvaneth. I don't mind paying someone to paint my Harlequins, Mechanicus and Vostroyans. I've sold off some of my stuff to take away the pressure of having to get it done. It felt good to do that.

  12. @ jabberjabber, just make sure you plough into the to-do list and show the fruits of your labours to your better half, I'm sure they don't mind if you show progress.

    @ Greg, yeah I may get some of my nice to haves sold off.

    @ Turkdactyl, I may sell some of the nice to haves and get a few blogger buddies that do commissions to do some of the side projects perhaps, yes it feels good to get some of the grey tide dealt with.


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