12 Jun 2013

Paint little, Paint often...

Sometimes the task at hand can seem huge.... Dec 2011
But, keep chipping away...
And chipping away...
And you'll get there! ... Mar 2013

Some great advice I think hit the nail on the head was found at Dark Future Gaming by Fly Molo. Great article which I'm sure many of us will take some comfort in - "I'm not the only one, sigh" or "Yep, that's me, that's me... I'm that person".

In our busy lives it's often hard to devote some time to our Weemen. But hopefully this article will help you out.

Dark Future Gaming - Get Your Stuff Painted


  1. Siph:

    This is a brilliant post. Brilliant!

    Cheers, mate!

  2. Thanks Mate! I thought the pics were a good mental driver for me at the time and showed me progress in a massive project of hundreds of bits to paint and assemble!

    I don't think I'd attempt 4 in one go again tho!


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