19 Jun 2013

Iron Warriors Blog Wars 5 List

Hi all – it’s Blog Wars 5 this weekend and I thought I would share my list ahead of the tournament.

As normal for Blog Wars, it’s not a competitive list, although I hope it has a few mean units. It’s not actually the list I would like to take; ideally there would have been a pair of Heldrakes, but i) I don’t have time to paint a second model (with three days to go, I am still trying to finish the first one) and ii) I never realised how expensive CSMs are! The list in my head had a few big units of CSMs in transports, Heldrakes, lots of long-ranged high-power shooty and a solid assault unit or two…turns out that costs about 3K pts…
And I say hope because I haven’t actually had chance to play this list yet. Even worse, I have only had a handful of games with CSMs; which have been very hit and miss.
I do hope I might stand a shot at the Best Painted awards, but looking at the competition this year – it’s going to be tight!

Anyway – the list:
10x CSMs  (Power Fist, Plasma Gun, Lascannon)
10x CSMs (Power Axe, CCW & BPs, Plasma Gun, VotLW)
Rhino (Havoc Launcher, Dirge Caster)
5 Terminators (Lightning Claw, 4x Power Fist, Reaper Autocannon, Combi-Plasma, Combi-Melta)
Helbrute (Reaper Autocannon, Missile Launcher)
Fast Attack
Heldrake (Baleflamer)
Forgefiend (2x Ectoplasma, Extoplasma)
Havocs (2 x Autocannons, 2 x Missile Launchers, 2 x Flakk Missiles)
3 x Obliterators (Mark of Nurgle)
Aegis Defense Line (Comms Relay)
Total – 1848pts

With the missions being random on the day, I have tried to stay flexible; the list contains a nice about of anti-infantry, anti-armour, anti-air and Termi killing options, although I am admittedly light on troops (only three scoring units including Abaddon) and might be in trouble if I get caught by a CC oriented army. The Comms Relay will help me if I want to deep strike Abaddon, Termis and Obliterators into my opponents backfield and also gets the Hellturkey in ASAP.
Pics of the army will be up if I have time before Saturday – if not they will be after the event. Wish me luck!


  1. The list looks good IMO.
    For a non-competitve environment this is still pretty bad-ass. ;-)
    Just a bit light on the scoring side, but with Abadonn scoring (and most likely sticking around with the Terminators), it will be ok I guess.

    Looking forward to seeing you and your army at BW5. ;-)


  2. Good Luck Fella, keeping up the Weeman attendance 5 outta 5.

  3. hopefully we won't be paired together, although I would back my monkeys all the way

  4. good luck fella, both with the games and the 'best painted' awards..

  5. Cheers - still painting that last Heldrake...hopefully it will be finished in time.

    Greylamb - your monkeys can go to hell. If I get paired against you my army is sacrificing itself to some chaos god first turn. Less painful than playing your Lascannon-wielding apes.


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