23 Jun 2013

Iron Warriors Gallery - BlogWars 5 2nd Place Comp and Painting!

A big-Iron well done to our own Chris (6thDegree) for his great placing at BW5, a friendly competition held this weekend, organised by Alex from "From the Fang".

And to help Alex out, he's been directing traffic to us to see pics of the 2nd best painted army at BW5 too... so I'm re-posting some pics of 6thDegree's Iron Warriors for all to see. Enjoy.


  1. Thanks for this mate. Was gutted when I realised I'd missed Chris' army. I'd seen pictures on here of course but was looking forward to seeing it on the day. Sadly with a new venue and last minute drop outs I was on the back foot with timings so I didn't get much chance to wander around.

  2. Cheers Siph - now the Heldrake is done I really need to do a photo-shoot for the army.

  3. They looked so good, absolutely stunning army!

  4. it's a shame you came second to a commission painted army - might get mine done for next time and beat you myself :D


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