27 Nov 2019

Relictors 4th Company Ancient and Techmarine

Hello all, thanks for dropping by. I recently was browsing eBay and saw some Relictors up for sale, only a couple of squads but the scheme looked to be able to fit in with mine and I wanted to give them a new lease of life (or death) on the battlefields of the 41st millennium, so I bought them and then adapted them to fit my existing forces.
The rather impressive Company Ancient already had a freehand banner and the fortuitous "IV" finial atop the banner pole, (its a reversed "VI") so I overpainted the purple trim to match the 4th Company green, added the 4th Company numeral and added some script.
The Ancient himself was tidied up, pauldrons repainted with green 4th Company trim and the icon white. The leather was redone brown, cloak highlights reapplied, golds picked out, details done and the helmet re-painted bone to signify his Veteran status. The purity seals were repainted and he was rebased using 32mm adapters. Quite a significant change from the gloss coated original.
Why I bought these particular Marines was for the rather ornate flaming censer backpacks and the Command Squad 'book' icons on the backpacks giving a unique yet Relictor feel. These were old metal Dark Angel robed marine sculpts so fitted as Relictors come from UM and DA geneseed.
These particular ones actually have the original Relictors Chapter badges on metal sculpted pauldrons, so rather than rip them off to match my own 'skull' decal I have used extensively, I will keep these and limit them to Command Squad, Character and Sternguard roles.
Since the 8th Codex dropped I have been on the look out for a basic Techmarine too, healing D3 wounds back on to my Venerable Dreads or tanks is too good to pass by, a cheap HQ option too. This job lot came with this rather nice chap.
Again, the flaming censer backpack and this one holds an auspex and a Mechanicus Axe/Wrench, ideal for a basic servo-armed Techmarine, all my other Techmarines are Thunderfire Techmarines with full harness apparatus.
Again, I repainted extensively, picking out details and redoing the pauldrons and feet to Techmarine reds, the leather in brown and rebased to 32mm. The skulls received some Contrast Skeleton Horde.
Some awesome eBay re-appropriations for my growing 4th Company and extensive 5th Company! And yes, a distraction from getting my Primaris reinforcements done, but I wanted to get these done rather than add more to the to-do pile (like 10 Combi-Melta Sternguard...the other lot in this bundle) but now my 4th Company has a Company Banner to rally around and I'm rather pleased how these turned out after a bit of TLC.

Thanks for dropping by, cheers, Siph. (10 points, half points for Characters as basics were done) 


  1. Great re-models; the banner looks very cool!

  2. Ah old school metal, I remember it well. They look very good indeed, a nice haul.

  3. Excellent work there ! You'll need a bigger table soon....

  4. Cheers all, love to say the banner was my work, but I only touched that up. Yep, great additions to the 4th.

  5. Nice! I really love the banner and I am a sucker for Techmarines :-)


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