22 Nov 2019

Adeptus Titanicus Choice of Legio Question?

Hello one and all,

I've recently picked up a box of Warhounds for Adeptus Titanicus, I love the models, and they look perfectly like miniature versions of the Forge World models.
Here is where I pause for thought, and the question for the post - have fellow titan players opted to do mini versions of their Forge World titans, or have they used this as a opportunity to try a new Legio? or side (Loyalist or Traitor).
Having read Titandeath and Doom of Molech I have found 2 other options that I like the look of other than Crucius, however, should I stick to my original Loyalist Legio? I do like the idea of having them to use both in AT and 40K, potentially sharing honours and kill markings across both formats.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks LH


  1. To have the same titans in both scales is super cool.

    However, you might want to do different, just because you can. Ultimately it has to be whatever floats your boat.

    But the rool of kool winz.


  2. I’m also torn between emulating my Astorum Engines in AT scale or doing something differently?


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