25 Nov 2019

Adeptus Sororitas - Alternative Sisters of Battle - Squad #2

Hello all, thanks for dropping by, before the drop of the new Sisters of Battle line of plastic miniatures I felt I really had to get my alternatives painted and done before the release hits! 

Here is my second squad of my take on some puritan Sisters of Battle. I envisage these being a rather puritan and devout Order, more practical and substance, less baroque and myth - I know not to all tastes as the ornate bonkers bits makes 40K unique, but I got bored of waiting for plastic sisters. These are made using 3rd party Dreamforge Games Eisenkern Valkir Heavy Troopers and some Statuesque Miniatures Heroic Scale Female Heads.
I had to get these painted and out of the to-do list before the release of the much anticipated Sisters of Battle release next week! I will of course add to the ranks of my two squads with some of the new models as and when, I still have two Executioner Tanks of the older design to construct and build yet.
Again, I varied the heads with the Valkir Helmets too, to save painting so many faces and to give the more militaristic practical vibe. There are three styles, a Knightly Helm, a Vampish Helm and a Gasmask Helm, these were the Vampish Helms. I also found a really decent chap on Reddit to commission the faces, so I really lucked in and he did a great job on those. Thank-you Reddit user u/kooperkape. I think he did a great job compared to my efforts at the bottom of this post with the squad leader.
Here you can see I added some purity seals to link back to my other Sisters, the newer 'blinged up' range and the GW Bolters are from Betrayal at Calth Horus Heresy plastics.
A converted Melta Gun, using the muzzle from a combi-melta and the Dreamforge kit.
Here is a heavy Flamer, using the Dreamforge kit with the barrel subbed out for a SM Flamer nozzle.
And just looking at the Squad #1, I realise that this is the squad leader should be the original Battle Sister I converted way back when I bought the kit in Feb 2017! Well, I finally got around to finishing them before the new plastic release! Haha

Thanks for dropping by and go check out the new Plastic Sisters of Battle range, its very Gothic Grim Dark, looking great! Cheers, Siph. (9 points, one  done in 2017)


  1. Love that dreamforge stuff. They'd have had me years ago if it wasn't for the price!

  2. Cheers all, about time I got them done, if not only to justify why I bought them in the absence of plastic SoB! @Kraken, I thought they were more reasonable than the metal SoB range though!

  3. Very good. I like 'em Will you be integrating some of the new sisters ?


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