22 Apr 2019

Adeptus Sororitas - Alternative Plastic Battle Sisters Squad #1

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, here is my take on some puritan Sisters of Battle. I envisage these being a rather puritan and devout Order, more practical and substance, less baroque and myth - I know not to all tastes as the ornate bonkers bits makes 40K unique, but I got bored of waiting for plastic sisters. These are made using 3rd party Dreamforge Games Eisenkern Valkir Heavy Troopers and some Statuesque Miniatures Heroic Scale Female Heads.
I added purity seals, another 3rd Party Multimelta from PDC Miniatures start up, and GW bases and Bolters. I have seen people adding SM Backpacks to these, but to maintain the sleeker proportions I stayed with the Dreamforge Games stock kit.
The holy trinity of Bolter, Flamer and Melta are captured in this squad with a Valkir flamer converted with a combi-weapon flamer nozzle, the alternative Heavy Weapons bought ages ago from a Kickstarter from PDC games, where I got my Alternative Rapier Laser Platforms, and the modular Heavy Weapons.
I varied the heads with the Valkir Helmets too, to save painting so many faces and to give the more militaristic practical vibe. There are three styles, a Knightly Helm, a Vampish Helm and a Gasmask Helm, these were the Vampish Helms.
I also varied the hairstyles and colours, keeping to the traditional black and whites but varying styles between the 28mm Heroic Scale Heads and the 'Angry Bobs' heads.
The armour is simply Eshin Grey over Black basecoat weathered with a little Leadblecher; with Mephiston Red cloth highlighted Evil Sunz Scarlet. and some gold details - Retributor Gold washed Reikland Flesh shade.. Simple to replicate.
Here they are bolstered with the holy visage of the Imagifier and the santic hyms and sermons from the Dialogus! Glory to the Emperor, death to the xenos, daemon, heretics and traitors, cleansed by holy Bolter, flame and Melta. Ave Imperator.

Cheers, Siph (7pts - three completed last year)


  1. I think the smaller backpacks were the way to go. The models seem smaller in stature so they work. Those helmets definitely give the squad a certain uniqueness too.

  2. They look really good to me, good use of parts. Are the base rims gloss varnish, what’s your thinking behind that?

    1. Hello mate, thanks. Yes the rims are gloss ‘Ardcoat as it protects the rim from the bumps and scrapes of gameplay. I’ve always done all my bases. The mini is sealed matt then the lenses and rims are glossed. Cheers

    2. That makes sense, also seems to give the figures a bit more ‘pop’. I might pick this tip up, thanks!

  3. Nicely done and I like the scheme. I am just working on some metal Sisters I had been slowly building up.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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