1 Apr 2019

Batrep - Blood Angels Vs Necrons - Maelstrom of War 2000pts

Hello All, thanks for dropping by. On_Wings_of_Fire came over for another battle with his Blood Angels and Smash Capt Fox, this time supported by the Lord of Death Mephiston and a contingent of Ultramarines facing off against the eons old Imotekh the Stormlord and the Sautekh Dynasty.
The battle was a Maelstrom of Battle with Tactical Objectives and using six objectives, Linebreaker/First Strike/Slay Warlord and the mission was simply Cleanse and Capture but the diagonal set up was Vanguard Strike - Necrons got first turn and the Blood Angels failed to seize the initiative.
The Blood Angels/UM uncharacteristically castled up with UM Vindicator, HB Devs, Plasma Devs and a Capt and Lieutenant. The large Squad of Death Company and Chaplain behind the Devs. Mephiston at the rear with the UM Predator, UM Devs by the gun emplacement and 3 Scout Squads forward. Capt Fox and the Hammer DC Squad went into reserves along with a squad of Reivers.
Facing them for the first time in 8th Edn was my 2x20 Warriors with a Lord and Cryptek, Tomb Blades and three Night Scythes on the left of the Necron line, 10 Warriors on the Tomb World in reserve,
2x6 Swarms of Canoptek Scarabs and Canoptek Wraiths in the centre with an Annihilation Barge. On the right of the Necron line was the Stormlord and Cryptek with his bodyguard of 10x Gauss Immortals facing the Devastators.
Necron Turn 1 - Imotekh used his Lord of the Storm special ability, once per game to bring down Lightning Strikes on Mephiston scoring 3 mortal wounds but the predator on a six would also be affected but no effect. With hindsight the affecting units within 6in of a targeted Character would have been better aimed at the bunched up UM contingent with Capt/Lieutenant, Devs, Vindicator all being together so more chance of subsidiary Lightning Arcs.

The Immortals opened up on the Scouts facing them in the ruins, taking down three of the Neophytes, the Tomb Blades used their speed to get into a good position facing the Missile Devastators by the gun emplacement, raking them with Gauss fire and felling four of the squad!
The Night Scythes targeted the Vehicles, taking only 1 wound from each, the lack of AP hurting the effectiveness of the heavy Tesla Destructors, electricity arcing over the hardened space marine vehicles to little effect.
The Necrons seized the Objective 2 Mission Critical objective for D3 points gaining 3, gained Objective 4 and Objective 3 achieving Supremacy for another D3, rolling one and failed to achieve First Strike with 2 remaining Scouts lurking in the crater. (Necron 4VP : BA 0VP)

A good start for the Necron Dynasty, wounding Mephiston and gaining a good set of cards, but the Warriors were quite out of the battle after my poor positioning, however they did help secure Objective 2 and 4 so not too bad for now.

Blood Angel Turn 1 - The Devastators with Heavy Bolters and Plasma Cannons facing the Immortals, seeing the Scouts fall opened up in revenge.
The Vindicator also joined the maelstrom and targeted the Immortals too. wiping them out denying the Reanimation Protocols and exposing Imotekh and the Cryptek.
The Death Company uncharacteristically held their ground spreading out to try to deny the Night Scythe a safe place to 'stand'. The Predator targeted another Night Scythe stripping three wounds leaving it on 9.
The lone Devastator survivor from the missile launcher squad struck back at the Tomb Blades with a Krak Missile however the Shieldvanes deflected the missile strike (1 for damage) and both vehicles then fired their Hunter Killer Missiles at the Night Scythes but both failed to hit the banking supersonic aircraft.
The Death Company, Scouts and Mephiston all advanced securing Swift Advance for 1VP, and the Immortals being wiped out secured First Strike gaining 2 VPs overall for the Blood Angels. (Necrons 4VPs : Blood Angels 2VPs)

Necron Turn 2 - After a good first turn and still a two point cushion the Necrons got to work. The Solar Pulse robbed the Plasma Devastator Squad of the cover of the ruins and the Methodical Destruction stratagem meant the Annihilation Barge and a Night Scythe Tesla Destructors wiped out the Plasma Squad completely.
A second Night Scythe targeted another 5 man Scout Squad and whittled them down to two before the wraithform Canoptek Wraiths emerged from the central ruined Shrine and cut both survivors down and consolidated into the Vindicator to prevent it firing again. The Night Scythe managed to find a place amongst the Death Company much to On_Wings_of_Fire disappointment ;)
The Tomb Blades shot at the two remaining Scouts from turn 1, wiping them out. One Squad of 10 Warriors who beamed out of the Night Scythe targeted the remaining Devastator with Missile Launcher but his cowering into the gun emplacement saved him after his Ammorium Cherub perished - ATSKNF yeah right ;)
The Gauss Cannon on the Annihilation Barge aimed at the Scouts in the ruins and took out three which was good as I nearly forgot it had a secondary armament. Imotekh hid behind the Space Marine Statue to shield him from the guns of the Devastators! The Necrons achieved Hold the Line for one, Priority Orders with Hold the Line with the Warlord achieving it for 3VPs and Behind Enemy Lines with a Night Scythe, only one unit so just 1VP rather than D3 giving a total for the Necrons of 5 this turn. I didn't score Advance as that countermanded Hold the Line.. (Necrons 9VPs : Blood Angels 2VPs) 

Blood Angel Turn 2 - So trailing the Necrons by a substantial amount of VPs, the Blood Angels have to now bring the hurt, no more lurking in the back lines.
The Smash Captain Fox, Lemartes and 5 Hammer Death Company dropped in behind the Necron Lines, Captain Fox failed his charge but Lemartes and the Hammer DC troops soared over the distance and smashed into the Cryptek and Imotekh the Stormlord. The Necron Warlord was slain and it looked like Slay the Warlord was assured, however the Necron Warlord arose again from the dust, his exoskeleton knitting the wounds and was left on one wound - a handy Necron Strategem - denying 1VP.
Captain Fox could only watch Lemartes tear into the Cryptek and was left exposed to the approaching hordes of Warriors...
The 10 Death Company on the Blood Angel left flank charged the Night Scythe striking it with their Chainswords stripping 7 wounds leaving the flyer on 3 wounds. The Vindicator, Mephiston, Chaplain, Devastators, Predator, UM Captain and UM Lieutenant and Scouts and the pistols of the Death Company fired at the Wraiths - but the wraithlike mechanical horrors resisted all the firepower only suffering 2 wounds. Mephiston charged the Wraiths with the Chaplain and killed the remaining two Wraiths in Close Combat in the Fight Phase!

The lone survivor Devastator Missile Launcher fired at the approaching Scarab swarm killing a base with a Frag Missile explosion.

This turn saw the Blood Angels secure Hold the Line, and for killing something after arriving from Deep Strike Lemartes secured D3 VPs getting 2VPs for killing the Cryptek, but failing Slay the Warlord. I think an Objective was also claimed so 1VP somewhere. (Necrons 9VPs : Blood Angels 6VPs)
Necron Turn 3 -  The resurrected Stormlord in combat with Lemartes and the Hammer Death Company troops, assisted by the swarm of Scarabs managed to take down 4 of the Hammer DC, 2 from an exploding base of self-destructing Scarabs causing 2 Mortal Wounds, and 2 from combat with the Scarabs. Imotekh hmself took 3 wounds from Lemartes leaving the Chaplain on 1 wound.
In return, Lemartes cared not for Resurrection Protocols and smashed the single wound Imotekh back down into the dust from where he had arisen... giving the Blood Angels Slay the Warlord finally.
The Scarabs on the Predator managed to strip some wounds leaving the Predator on 5 wounds. The lone Devastator Missile Launcher was dragged down by Warrior Gauss fire.
In the centre, the Tomb Blades started to Defend the Objective.
Seeing Captain Fox out on his own, the bulk of the Necron Warriors targeted the Space Marine hero, and 33 Warriors got shots in, after a mighty fusillade Capt Fox was still standing, albeit a little shaken only losing 2 wounds to the Gauss Flayers! The Tesla Destructors of one Night Scythe also failed to get past the Storm Shield and FNP.

Killing the DC Hammer Troops secured Scour the Skies for 1 VP, but the Blood Angels also secured Slay the Warlord this turn, and the Necrons began to defend the centre objective. (Necrons 10VPs : Blood Angels 7VPs) 

Blood Angel Turn 3 - The Smash Captain decided to take on the nearest threat, the Horde of 40 Warriors - charging in head first towards the automatons...
The massive melee whirled around the Captain, striking down three Warriors and down to 1 wound himself from the mass of blades and Gauss.
Lemartes continued to battle the Scarabs, striking down a base of Scarabs and remained locked in combat.
Mephiston fresh from his battle with the Wraiths used his Psychic skills to accelerate across the board to prevent the Tomb Blades from Defending the central objective denying the 2VPs.
The Death Company and Chaplain struck at the Night Scythe down to one wound. The Vindicator aimed at the Warrior Squad of 10, and completely missed his target.
To reinforce the Predator, the infiltrating Reivers entered play and wiped out the Scarab Squad eating the Vehicle. The Blood Angel Objectives this turn were more favourable, securing Objective 5 as a MIssion Critical Objective for 2VPs and Slay the Warlord in this turn or any previous turn for 2VPs, meaning 4VPs this turn and taking the lead. (Blood Angels 11VPs : Necrons 10VPs)
Necron Turn 4 - In the massed brawl of 30+ Warriors, the Capt Smash-Fox was jabbed and stabbed to death giving the Necrons Slay the Warlord.
The Scarabs dragged down the hero Lemartes in combat.
In the centre the Tomb Blades battled with Mephiston, taking down one Tomb Blade but Mephiston was aloo on 1 wound.
The Annihilation Barge and two Night Scythe killed a Scout and the Blood Angel Chaplain. The Death Company was targeted and 2 more DC were killed leaving 6 warriors still alive. The Warrior Squad of ten managed to take down one Reiver on the other flank.

The Necrons secured Objective 2 with the Necron Lord near the mass Warrior Brawl and achieved Slay the Warlord creeping into the lead by one VP. (Necrons 12VPs : Blood Angels 11VPs)
Blood Angel Turn 4 - We were pushed for time so we knew this turn would be the last. It will all come down to what the remaining Blood Angels could achieve. The Linebreaking Night Scythe was taken down by the Predator achieving Big Game Hunter in the process closing the VP gap for a draw...
Mephiston struck down the last Tomb Blades and the nearby Reivers tore into the Warrior Squad taking out 6 in combat, another two fled the battle leaving just 2 Warriors for no loses to the Reivers. The Vindicator again had failed to target this squad again.
The Death Company re-positioned using 'On Wings of Fire' which was apt as that is who is playing, scoring Linebreaker and Behind Enemy Lines for a further 2VPs for the win!

Blood Angels 14VPs : Necrons 12VPs = Blood Angel Win

Conclusion - So the poor positioning of the large Warriors Blobs on the far right Necron flank meant they didn't really take much part in the battle, albeit securing a few Objectives and tying up the Smash Captain in the final turn, but by doing so left a gap for the Death Company to secure Linebreaker. One should have been deployed to screen the Immortals and Overlord from the two Devastator Squads in Turn 1, they would have absorbed some of the fire and I would have had the chance to use the Lord and Cryptek abilities for saves and Reanimation Protocols. 

Tesla Destructors really suck against vehicles and should best be aimed at the troops - plentiful shots but wounding on 4+/5+ with normal 3+ saves really affects their damage output, at least against Devastators they are wounding on 3+ and still saving 3+ and that would have taken out a Heavy Weapon each time, or a Death Company Troop.

I was pleased with the Tomb Blades damage output and speed, with Shieldvanes giving a 3+ makes them quite good, only its a pain to paint them up, so I will slowly add some more to this squad, a larger squad of 6 would have been more effective. I also loved the Wraiths ability to tank so many wounds on the 3++, an amazing amount so a squad of 6 would still of had the CC punch to resist the Death Company come the Fight Phase. Definitely getting more of these painted up - I have 3 more in the undercoated stage.

The initial Imotekh Lightning Storm should have been aimed at the UM blob, hitting and maybe slaying the Capt or Lieutenant removing the re-roll and arcing onto all units within 6in on a 6+ may have given better results - but the potential to Alpha Strike Mephiston was too great, potentially taking 6 Mortal Wounds is a strong Stratagem. 

The Blood Angel Smash Captain needlessly sacrificed himself to the large blob of Warriors, but it ensured Linebreaker, so maybe not needless - I like to think he resisted until the day was won, then boosted his Jump Pack out of there to go fix up his wounds - Capt Fox lives! 


  1. Great report! I was surprised the Blood Angels were able to claw back a victory, as it sounded very one-sided to start with. That's why I love maelstrom, as the cards can easily turn in your favour and get you the win with some good tactical play.

    1. Cheers Mike, yes its my favourite way to play too. It was a great battle we both really enjoyed.


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