19 Apr 2019

Legio Crucius - Warlord Titan - WIP #2 - Paint time

Hello one and all!

The Warlord project marches on with me starting the Rites of Colour process to paint the Warlord. The base has had a under coat of black, then silver. This will get a wash of Agrax and others to add depth to the model.
The armour panels are being painted as per my other titans, with a black/white scheme of the Legio Crucius. For the Warlord, I am retaining the stripes and checks as seen with my other titans.
Also, here are the lights from the torso search lights on - full beams! I will be adding further lights to the head to add to the effect. I am toying with different colours for the search lights, but nothing is set in stone.. yet..  I'll post a 'how I did that' post with regards the lights soon..

Thanks for looking! LH


  1. Hell, you are catching up with me! Speedy progress!

  2. Great work. These engines are fantastic models, and you guys really do them proud.

    1. Thanks! Its great to see the titan come to life as you put it together..


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