12 Apr 2019

Legio Crucius - Warlord Titan - WIP #1 - Another Titan?!?!

Hello one and all,

Hot on the heels of the Warbringer, ‘Mons Ignus’ and my second Warhound ‘Black Strider’, I've started my next project - ‘Hell's Daughter’, a Legio Crucius Warlord. The plan and aim is to have the titan ready for the Titan Owners Club UK Walk in June (around 80 days to go).
So far the build has gone well, the legs are pinned into place in the ankles, knees and in several spots around the hips. The torso was a little more complicated than hoped as i am looking for access for the LED's (You might have spotted the LED's in the torso search lights.. The initial plan was to not fix the 'roof' however I am looking at a second option as the roof offers a lot of support to the body, and it might be wise to have this fixed into place.
The shoulders are fully pinned, and I have also added magnets to the arms to allow for weapons to be swapped out.
I am happy with the pose so far, the plan will be for the model to be looking to the right, with the weapons both fixed to a set point. All of the panels are set, ready to be painted as are the weapons.

Cawl  inspecting the titan - wondering if it is possible to build a Primaris Warlord...
Wish me luck for the next 80 days...LH


  1. Go for it!! I'll be wishing you on!!

  2. A warlord in 80 days is a bold undertaking. It will be interesting to follow. As for access to the interior, my Warlord does not have the back attached and I have not seen any bad effects after two years. I think the shoulder arches, if glued in properly will prevent the side walls to bend outward and the arm pieces are also quite substantial. On the rear the exhausts clamp the back walls. So I think the box is quite stable even without the roof. But it is a big piece to leave un-attached so if you have some other plans that does not require this it might be better. Anyway, it will be an interesting build.

  3. 80 days... may the Emperor bless your journey.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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