15 Nov 2019

WIP Redemptor Dreadnought - Deathwatch

Hello All!

Hot on the heels of my first 2 Dreadnoughts for my Deathwatch force, is another one to add to their number. This time a Redemptor class dreadnought.

The model has been built to be striding forward, the kit has a number of options for the build which is great - I am not a huge fan of basic 'mono-pose' models, as you end up with all your models looking 'samey'. I think this is why the Deathwatch appeals to me, as you can convert the models to look like different chapters etc. like I did previously with the first 2 dreadnoughts.
I have built this and based exactly like the other dreads and the Corvus Blackstar with a metallic black over a base of Chaos Black. the left arm was then picked out with silver. A quick note, be very careful with this model if spraying the arms separately - I found I got some paint around the joint, which made it difficult to put the arms back into position.
I've opted for the plasma weapon for this dreadnought, I like the overall look of the weapon, and the stats are good too!

Thanks for looking! Lord Halfpenny.

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