5 Feb 2020

Its that time of year - Squaduary 2020 - Relictors Devastators w/ Heavy Bolters

So, my calendar year has two hobby community highlights I partake in, October "Dreadtober" and February's "Squaduary" - and its February so it's time I grabbed something that has been sitting around on the painting desk for all too long and got it finished!
Squaduary is run by Stepping Between Games blog, Thousand Eyes plows through the interwebz and Instagram for the Squaduary pledges and pools them together. Thanks mate!
Last year I completed a Vanguard Squad of Skitarii for my growing AdMech army.
The year before was a Squad of RTB01 Beakie Marines.
And the year before that it was the first squad of RTB01 Beakie Marines.
So, with the continued chipping away with my Devastators I bought in 2016, I've completed all the weapon variant squads to date with the exception of the arguably most iconic weapon - the Heavy Bolter Squad!
Here is where I am up to with my pledge. Time to get these done!

Cheers, wish me luck. Siph.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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