21 Feb 2020

Legio Crucius Titan Weapons - Reaver and Warlord - WIP

Hello One and All,

Some steady progress with regards additional weapons for the Warlord and Reaver.

Warlord "Hells Daughter"

I've added the Belicosa Volcano Cannon for the Warlord, this has had a magnet added to allow for the weapons to be switched. To finish I need to wash the gold trim, and then highlight, as well as the heat effect on the end of the barrel.
Reaver "Astramos"

For the Reaver I am converting a pair of Warlord Apocalypse Missile Launchers to be used as arms to have a 'Dreadfire' Reaver Support Titan. This was found in the early Epic version of the game. Three Apocalypse Missile Launchers will be putting out a load of damage and hits both in AT games, and 40K. I've added a bolt through the arm which is then secured with a nut and washer using the hold in the shoulder joint for access.

The launchers will be painted a Legio Crucius scheme to match.
Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Princeps Lord Halfpenny


  1. Luvverly, I must NOT buy one lest the wrath of he wife be brought forth !!!

  2. I must not buy one either.


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