28 Feb 2020

Deathwatch - Corvus Blackstar #3

Hello One and All,

Another week passed, another addition to the Deathwatch force - this time a Corvus Blackstar flyer, another Vehicle - I really need to add some troops to this force.
The Corvus Blackstar was painted as per my other units with a metallic black base, and edge highlights with lighter greys up to Thunderhawk Blue for the final highlight. I have also completed all the options for the second Corvus Blackstar.
As per the other Corvus Blackstar's, I've added a panel for the pilots Chapter - this one is a homegrown Chapter with a transfer from the space marine decal sheet, on a blue base. I believe the decal is a Dark Angels one.
Happy with the look of the 3 Corvus Blackstars together! It'll be great to get them on the battlefield soon!
Cheers, Lord Halfpenny (5pts for a Flyer)


  1. Awesome airforce you have built there already, and the Dreads, now the Deathwatch troops, Veterans and Aggressors and Vanguards... and Characters! I think the decal has been used as a Ravenwing skull on red warning triangle for the front bike 'fender' is where I've seen it being used, but ripe to be the basis of a homegrown Chapter.


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