3 Feb 2020

Sisters of Silence - Kharon Pattern Acquisitor Transport

Hello all, thanks for dropping by. My good friend Lyden P of LP Miniatures was having a clear out and I thought I'd grab a bargain. The Kharon Pattern Acquisitor is a very Dune/Riddick-esque looking vehicle, not at all like the boxy 40K Imperial vehicles which I like, some people don't, but that's FW.
It's unusual design is because it is a grav tank built to approach its targets silently and with utmost stealth, it is deliberately made to be a thing of mystery and terror when its presence is unveiled. Used primarily in a paramilitary role by the Sisters of Silence, it can suppress civilian resistance with lethal effect and this translates well on to the battlefields of the Horus Heresy.
Lyden P did a great job on the heat bloom from the exhaust jets.
It is armed with Hellion Cannons, basically buffed shorter range Autocannons for cutting through rampaging mobs and destroying makeshift barricades. Against greater threats, it's fitted with Missile Launchers armed with various payloads of missiles, including sophisticated antipsyker warheads.
Above you can see the almost hidden 'teeth', the muzzles of the Hellion Cannons
I did get a base already supplied and painted up but to match any of my forces I gave that back to Lyden for his next Custodes grav tank and he supplied me a blank base. This was decorated with some natural slate and an old Land Raider front hatch which I painted as Heresy era Deathguard colours.
The base was covered in sand and gravel and painted my usual recipe, but the slate was kept natural and sealed with varnish which enhances the natural purples. I then added some tufts and dyed flock patches.
The cool lines remind me of the Navigator Guild amniotic tank in Dune or the ships seen in Riddick Chronicles. I like it, not sure what I'll use it for and hopefully I can get some Index rules for it in 8th Edition? But just glad to have it in my collection.

Cheers for checking it out, thanks, Siph. (1 point for the base)


  1. Flash! Aaaahaaaa! He'd save every one us! Cool model.

    1. I was thinking that too. Or the old black and white serial, the noise from those rocket ships with the sparks coming out the back! :)

  2. This is one of my favorite FW models, mainly because it is so unlike everything else!!

  3. Love it! Need one for my Silent Sisters.

  4. It is a great model and the painter did do a good job on the exhausts (as well as the rest of it)

  5. Did he do the open front too? The lack of a seam between the three 'petals' in the closed position always unnerved me, but I figure that's the point of this vehicle. But something, just the finest of lines might have given the suggestion it opened in the closed position.

    1. I didn’t see/get the open front version, but as you point out, the open version loses some of its mystery and shows its functionality.


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