17 Feb 2020

Relictors Primaris Space Marine Ancient w/ Banner

Hello all, thanks for dropping by, a little hurdle of mine overcome and finally off the to-do pile, a Primaris Ancient with Company Banner.

I have been putting off this mini for a while now as I was afraid that I would mess it up, however after seeking a price quote from a Commission Artist and rejecting it, I thought it was about time I 'got off my a$$' and did it! So i did.
The banner has a lot of pre-moulded details which make the job not as difficult as I expected, not like a freehand blank canvas is. I cheated with my original Banner Bearer (now Ancient) of my first-born Marines (HERE) using a skull from an ancient White Dwarf or Space Hulk, and struggled with the Chaplain in Terminator Armour (HERE) - so this one was actually easier than expected.

The golden winged skull finial was from a WFB kit and some Dark Angel Helmet Wings adjusted to fit outwards rather than swept backwards. The black trim on the banner denotes 5th Company as does the '5'... The scrollwork was using contrast Skeleton Horde over Dhneb Stone foundation and a Micron Pen for the text, tip, start in the middle and work outwards to always fit the space available.
I added some text on the reverse, detailing in High Gothic the path from UM and DA geneseed that the Relictors are grown from, both decals, from Custodes FW Decal Sheet. The greys used on the banner were different from the Dawnstone on the Armour, I didn't want an exact match as its meant to be fabric of sorts, so a lot more Administratum Grey and some Eshin Greys. The gold used is Burnished Gold rather than my metallics of Retributor Gold to also look slightly different.
Here is a shot from the rear, the crest is from the Horus Heresy plastics range, either BatC or BofP, and I've used my normal Relictors decal for the left Pauldron, but with a grey shoulder trim as my Primaris are Chapter generic, not attached to a particular Company throughout their Service, hence the 5th Company Banner details but not on the Marine.
The Veteran decal on the right Pauldron denotes his status as a Veteran Brother, as does the bone coloured Helmet. My Primaris are sticking to Insignium Astartes for markings, but variation of Bone over White for Helmets.
The savvy among you will see that it isn't a Primaris Helmet at all, but actually a studded MKIV, this Veteran has earnt a relic piece of battlegear.

Great to have this off the painting desk at long last, and I am rather pleased with the outcome. Thanks for stopping by, Cheers, Siph. (10pts Character)


  1. Its awesome how you've made it your own with some cheeky converting. The Mk IV helmet totally fits the model. The transfers on the back are a neat idea, I wish I'd thought of that. Impeccable detailing and scroll work.

  2. That's a mighty fine looking miniature sir, well done!!!

  3. Yes, great work indeed. The scrolls work on the front of the banner looks aces. I bet he stands out well in the midst of the rest of the force.


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