19 Feb 2020

Relictors Devastators w/ Heavy Bolters - Squaduary Week 3

Hello one and all, and a special hello to any Squaddies from this year's Squaduary. So, after some slow progress and a week lacking any significant goals, Storm Dennis gave me the opportunity at the weekend to stay indoors and get some paint down.

This chap (above) is the Master of the Relics, a finecast Captain however now re-purposed and rearmed with a Chainsword, his static pose and extra bling make him an ideal Sergeant for these Devastators. Armed with a Combi-Plasma, he can deal with any heavier armour straying into range of the massed Heavy Bolters.
And progress has advanced somewhat with his charges, all troopers now have their main bodies and bases complete, just the heads and armaments to go really - back on track and should have these completed in time for the end of Squaduary.
Squaduary is a hobby event organised by the chaps at Stepping Between Games Blog and runs every February to get that Squad that's been sitting around for too long finally finished and off the to-do pile!

Cheers, Siph.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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