7 Feb 2020

Crucius Titan Update - WIP Weapons and Kill Markings

Hello One and All,

A quick WIP titan post for an update.

Firstly, I have added honours and kill markings to my Titans from the Titan Owners Club UK Walk at Milton Keynes last year. I've used the transfers from the FW sheet. I will be having honours like this for any Titan kill during Titan Walks.
Secondly, I've also virtually finished the Belicosa Volcano Cannon for my Warlord 'Hell's Daughter', which I wanted to get finished for this weekends Beachhead 2020 Titan Walk.. pictures next week...
I am also working on a project with my Reaver - going back to the old Epic 'Dreadfire' Reaver Support Titan - with 3 Apocalypse Missile Launchers. I wasn't sure initially but its growing on me now I have added some colour to them!
Thanks for dropping by, Princeps Lord Halfpenny.


  1. Excellent to see your Engine Kills! recorded, and nice weighty Belicosa. I’m not sold on the Warlord Apoc Launchers, I might be tempted with three Reaver ones with the wider profile, it looks too skinny with the longitudinal Launcher down the sides?

  2. Love that some one else is deviating a bit form the standard weapon layout. Is the Dread fire an officially available load out for the Reaver? Lookign forward to seeing it done.

  3. In an apoc-eye-alips game, three apoc launchers would be a brilliant opener.

    And then could just stand around lookin' fancy for the rest of the game.


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