26 Feb 2020

Squaduary 2020 Complete - Relictors Devastator Squad w/ Heavy Bolters

Hello All, and a special hello if you are a Squaduary Squaddie coming to check up my progress. Well, as the tile says - I finished my Squad! Yep, not as numerous as some pledges and only 5 Marines, but the extra large weapons/packs and a unique Sergeant mini made this as challenging/time consuming - I am a slow painter!
Squaduary is a hobby event run through February and is run by Stepping Between Games blog, many thanks to Thousand Eyes who plows through the interwebz and Instagram for the Squaduary pledges and pools them together - it was motivational as always seeing the progress of other hobbyists get their squads together! Well done all Squaduary Squaddies!
Here is the squad's Sergeant, a Finecast Captain of the Relics, from the Chapter Masters set, I head swapped and added a Signum Backpack and a Chainsword. Armed with his trusty Combi-Plasma, he can challenge those with impervious heavier armour who stray into range of the Heavy Bolters and don't get cut down.
The mini is a great stand-in for a Veteran Sergeant for a Devastator Squad, his pad already comes with a Devastator Chevron. His pose is a bit too static to be a Captain, so demotion to a Sergeant gets him on the field of battle!
As the bond-studded pad without a green trim doesn't allow the 4th Company markings, I added a green stripe to the Chainsword to link in with the rest of the Squad's 4th Company colours.
The first two of the troopers, I love the Devastator's helmet with the metal plate, and a 3rd party Bionic Leg replacement - obviously a Plasma Cannon veteran before the accident...
And the other two Troopers, standard Devastators from the set. Coincidentally the piles of brass shell casings come with the kit too.
Here is a final shot from different angles, you can see on the far right the veteran bionics and the extra ammunition stowage on the backpacks - I guess the whole backpack is a feed mechanism to the belt, as well as the normal power armour suit functions.

Another successful Squaduary, thank-you all and see you next year! It's good to get the final squad of Devastators finally off the painting table queue and onto the battlefield, and such an iconic weapon selection, Heavy Bolters and a Chainsword.

Cheers, Siph (5 points)


  1. Oh bugger. I've got loads and loads and loads and loads left to do. Yours looks great tho. I don't think they'll *ever* run out of ammo! Love the lenses.

    1. Cheers mate, your doing great progress on the Skitarii. Lovely scheme too. And thanks, lenses have a coat of ‘Ardcoat which always helps sell the lens look!

  2. They look mighty fine, congrats on getting them finished on time.

  3. Fantastic to see them altogether like that and the sarge is just great. I love seeing well done Marines.

    1. Thanks Rory for another fantastic motivational event!


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