25 Jan 2016

Legio Astorum - Warlord Titan Build - WIP #12 - Top Carapace

Welcome back Titan Enginseers, nearly there with the main construction of Dominus Victoria. With the rest of the Torso now dry and firm and all pinning in the interior done, I went ahead and sealed the Torso with the 'lid' Carapace. To do this was a simple slot into place, however I used the Exhaust Ridges in place to make sure I was correctly aligning everything and the Ridges would then fit correctly when the next stage is fitting them. Don't glue the exhaust ridges in place yet, one step at a time - it's the journey, not just the destination Titan Enginseers!
The Exhaust Ridges received some small magnets into the Void Shield Projector housings and into the base of the Projectors, this will enable me to remove the requisite amount of Voids in games, and replace as necessary when I successfully regenerate them, rather than using dice (and it makes it easier to handle the build too). This will also have the added benefit of helping with painting the details.
As you can see the Void Shield Projectors fit nicely along the Exhaust Ridges. I clamped and glued the front Exhaust Intakes to the Exhaust Ridges as per the instructions prior to fitting on the Carapace, making sure they align along the bottom forming a smooth curve, use the Torso and Carapace as a guide if necessary, or I did it by eye and clamped in place overnight..
Once the Carapace lid was dried and firmly fitted to the Torso, the next day I clamped one of the constructed Exhaust Ridges into place along with the rear Exhaust Vents as these two slot into each other and best to do at the same time - makes clamping angles and rubber bands essential, however is a great step forward in completing. Make sure the rear Exhaust Vents align properly with the rear of the Torso to make the opening for the Exhaust Rear Plates.
After a double check of all the alignments, these were left to dry overnight. The next day I did the same for the left hand side Ridge and Vents. Once all these were dry, the following day I added both rear Exhaust Plates sealing the Torso section.
The Torso Complete
Rear Exhaust Plates seal the Torso Exhaust Ridges
The completed Torso in all its HUGE glory, the Titan is massive and heavy, but well put together and firm in all places, I am confident this build will be strong enough to withstand gaming.

Thanks for following the build so far and stopping by to take a look. I intend to do a compilation post linking back to all the Titan WIP Build posts for your ease of reference if you plan a build yourselves, alternatively click on the label 'Warlord Titan' in the sidebar. Cheers, Siph.

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  1. Excellent work, it looks so square. Do you need to fill gaps at all? Well going by this, it looks like I need a couple more clamps for my build.

  2. @ Col H, no gaps to fill, I know others had a lot of filling to do at front, but mine fit perfect. I pre-fitted everything before gluing, and the top void vent assemblies were test fitted on the Carapace before the glue set to make sure the front was on properly. I am very pleased with the FW build quality and my progress ;)

    1. I think your careful and methodical approach is at least in (a major) part responsible for this. You are right to be pleased!

  3. Ha, Thanks and yes, you'll need 4 clamps. I'd choose 4 big ones, the little ones were quite limiting. And a few trusty elastic bands!


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