8 Jan 2016

Terrain and Scenery - Promethium Relay Pipelines

Hello Readers, whilst at Warhammer World in November I picked up a set of these Promethium Relay Pipes to add to my vast Terrain set - never have too much to choose from. I decided that I would construct the pieces (4 Large, 4 Small) in four sets as the rules say you need to field them with at least one other piece anyway. And the scheme followed on from my Fuel Storage Tanks and the objective marker Fuel Dump.
This is the Command piece I guess where you control the flow rates etc. So I made a dump of fuel cans and a tool kit to siphon off the fuel. This rule set allows Flamers to gain Torrent when near the pipes. The paint job was a Red Halfords Primer followed by Tornado Red Halfords car spray, washed with heavy wash of Nuln Oil and drybrushed with Macharius Solar Orange Foundation Paint and then Leadbelcher. Real quick and easy.
I like to base the Terrain I have, but I wanted then to still connect properly so I made the bases smaller than the ends of the pipes to allow overlap.
This is the only single piece I have. But it has a three way choice of where it connects to other pieces.
One broken pipe, actually two pieces, one large and one small. I weathered the ground around the break so show burnt/polluted earth.
Here is the second broken pipe pieces.
All the pieces together.
And a shot with the Fuel Dump and Fuel Storage Tanks.
And if you were wondering, the rules are easily found under the pump controls, thats why I had space for the fuel cans! Points value scored out for copyright reasons but only as much as a Terminator, not bad for 4+ cover save and Torrent Flame Weapons, my Relictors (Salamanders) Vulkan He'Stan approves. Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Awesome job! They look amazing. I always like to base my terrain too. Makes them a lot sturdier and allows you to add little extras to the base too.

  2. Stop it now Siph! You're making me look bad! Think I've got some prom pipes somewhere but no idea what I did with them.

  3. Looking really good dude. The bases do make a big difference

  4. They look fantastic, I have a plan to make a nid version, using rolled up newspaper or tin-foil for core of the pipe work. It'll be organic tubes using peristaltic motions to convey the combustible material from one digestion pit to another. I'm convinced it'll be really easy and a lot of fun, just a fair amount of work hence why it's not been done/started. :(

  5. Cheers everyone.

    @ Corrm, totally agree. Makes it tell a story too.

    @ Alex, sry mate, but you need to step up a gear! Ha. Best of luck getting that terrain monkey off your back, this is the year for it, I can feel it.

    @NafNaf, Cheers mate

    @ Dave, Thanks, and I love your Tyranid themed terrain, so as soon as you finish your Void Shield Generator, I'll expect some progress with these pipes?? Ha Ha

  6. Where does that tool kit come from? These are great.

  7. Hi, think the toolkit is from the Whirlwind turret sprue. In fact, just googled it, yep it's on the Whirlwind kit.


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