18 Jan 2016

Legio Astorum - Warlord Titan Build - WIP #11 - Pinning Shoulder and Arms

Welcome Titan Enginseers, thanks for dropping in. Another quick post about the Warlord. This time, just a quick update and an important one. This is how I will ensure the arms are fully supported. I already spoke about the triangle arrangement FW designed into the titan for the Shoulders, so the arms won't droop, but here I am backing it up with a pin right through linking four major components so the arms are as strong as can be.
Here is the drilled hole, using the entire 11cm drill length of my 2.5mm long drill bit I can get the pin to link through the Shoulder Mounting Assembly, through the actual Shoulder, into the Upper Arm Joint and into the Upper Arm itself - I am pretty sure the JB Weld will hold but this can only help.

You can also see the fitted Arm Pistons mentioned in the last post, all dried and reinforcing the arms further.
And all to show is a small hole in the Shoulder Mount Assembly which will be green stuffed and filed smooth. All that is left for the Torso now is the fitting of the Carapace 'lid' and the venting and void shields. Waiting for magnets to arrive first so I can think about mounting the head and neck joint with magnets, either a straight drill through or like the Waist, a small cavity job? I'll wait to see how strong they are and go from there.

Cheers for dropping by. Siph.

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  1. Hi Siph, that looks solid. I would have probably snapped the bit if I tried that :)

  2. Did you actually consider a threaded bolt and actual nuts ? At the right scale and in the right place it wouldn't look out of the place... And that assembly is mostly under the Pultron.

  3. Cheers, @ Zzzzzz, no I didn't as I think the glue will hold, this was just for peace of mind. The weapon arms will be magnetised and a horizontal pin, removable for arm swaps. This part of the superstructure can be fixed.


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