1 Jan 2016

Mechanicum Thanatar Class Siege-Automaton with Hellex Plasma Mortar

Happy New Year fellow Bloggers and Readers, thanks for dropping by. Here is my first offering of the New Year. I am continuing slowly with the Titan build, however I have a few Ad Mech and Mechanicum stuff to finish off too. This beast is a Thanatar Class Siege-Automaton armed with the lobbing Helex Plasma Mortar, large blast ordnance S8 AP2 fun-ness.
This is a cool looking Forgeworld model, also armed with a twin linked Mauler Boltcannon, which is a marine killing AP3.
I love the look of the magazine ammo feed for the Boltcannon as well as that great Plasma Mortar.
And if you get too close, he'll just hopefully squish you with S8 Monsterous Creature CC attacks. 
Here is a shot with the other Mechanicum units I have already completed, these Castellax should keep the enemies at optimum Hellex Plasma Mortar range!

Thanks for dropping in. Happy New Year.

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