22 Jan 2016

Relictors Spacemarine Shadow Captain Solaq

Hello Kind Readers, all is not forgotten with regard to my Relictors. Amongst the titan build I haven't forgot the actual Weemen... Here is my latest offering towards the Battle Company, another Captain but a nice one. This Captain is found in the Shadow Force Solaq boxset from the Damocles Warzone set of two, the other being the Tau.
I substituted the Plasma Pistol out for a Storm Shield to make him more survivable and hopefully either with a Power Sword or Relic Blade plus his Bolt Pistol, he can make a good fight of it.
The Storm Shield was a third party creation bought a long time ago and waiting for the right miniature to be used, I thought it would look good on this particular Captain as he has wing/feather-like icons all over. I am rather pleased of my brushwork this time, I am showing improvement with age, lol. The feathers, gold and cloak are all quite good I reckon.
There you have it. Right back to the Titan build in earnest... but a nice small scale break from the massive build. I really enjoyed this little diversion.

Thanks for dropping in. Siph.


  1. That's really nice! If I had to add some constructive criticism, the transitions between the layering look quite starkly defined - it's not something you see at first, but when you look carefully you see it. It is also exacerbated by photography - the natural eye will blend them together a bit more. I tend to find doing these transitions, a 'feathered' edge to the next layer blends it more effectively. Gold looks really good though, what's your recipe?

  2. Cheers Nick, yes I agree but in person it's not noticeable and I don't want to look too natural feather as a feather storm shield is no shield at all ;). I think I should have used a blue wash to tie all together and angle the transitions as chevrons like the filaments of a feather. This was the first time I line highlighted any of my Leadbelcher with Chainmail after a wash of Nuln Oil which worked nicely I think.

  3. Love the shield, it matches up well with the feathering on the mask. The grey/blue of the inner shield is a nice touch to stand out from the grey of the armour (and prevent a mono colour problem).

  4. Sry, think the paints were Fang Grey, Administratum Grey, Uluathan Grey and White Scar. Armour is Codex Grey (Dawnstone) with wash of Nuln Oil and highlight Fortress Grey (Administratum). Gold was Brazen Brass, Shining Gold, wash Agrax Earthshade, Gold again then Runefang Steel.


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