11 Jan 2016

Forge World Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne

Hi All,
I've recently had the pleasure of painting and building a Greater Brass Scorpion of Khorne. I've got to say this was one of my favourite kits to plan, build and paint. I had always really liked the FW, heavy metal team's Brass Scorpion, loving the paint scheme. I know I'm nowhere near that standard, however I wanted to test myself. The other major point is that I do not currently own a spray gun- thus I wanted to see what I could do without one!
The Scorpion was washed and prepared as per normal FW kits. I then checked to make sure all the parts fitted correctly as well as making sure all parts were present!

I am one of those builders that prefers to build the entire kit, or to utilise sub assemblies. However the Brass Scorpion is probably best done as independent units. The only portion I initially built the body, however all armour plates and legs/arms were left to be completed separately.

Using Black spray to undercoat all parts, I then sprayed the parts with a combination of brass and silver from spray cans. The Brass covered the entire model, and the silver done to not completely cover the Brass underneath.

I then did something I don't normally do - I would have normally dived in and started painting armour panels and legs all in one go. Instead, I painted up a single leg piece to see, a) whether I could achieve the scheme I wanted, b) How the scheme would actually look. I made a list of the colours used to make sure I could repeat the process.
The scheme was them applied to all the other armour plates and legs/body etc. The scheme was:
  • Base Chaos Black spray
  • Brass then Silver model spray
  •  Mephiston Red lines within the armour plate showing Silver 'circles' from the undercoat
  • 2 coats of Carroburg Crimson Wash
  • Wash of Bloodletter Red Glaze
  • Evil Sunz Red within the Silver circles, showing some of the Silver as edges to the Evil Sunz
  • A wash of Agrax Earthshade
  • Wild Rider Red stippled within the Evil Sunz red circles
  • Wash of Agrax
  • Final wash of 'ardcoat
For the Brass edging i used a simpler pallet of colours:
  • Brass Scorpion 
  • Nuln Oil Wash
  • Highlighted with Leadbleacher
The cabling section was a double wash of Nuln Oil over the Silver/Brass basecoat. All weapons were picked out with black, then highlighted with a light dry brush of Leadbleacher. The bodies within the cabling were picked out in Codex Grey, then washed with Nuln Oil, then grey highlighted, and then a final wash of Tharaka Green - to give them a deathly pale complexion. The model had its claws covered with Blood for the Blood God Technical Paint to give it a 'Blood for the Blood God' feel - with freshly spilt blood from its latest victims.
Overall I'm really happy with the final look of the Scorpion, it reflects light differenetly as the light catches the armour plates at differing angles, which was something I was hoping for. I'm glad I took the time to plan this project, and feel that it is reflected in the final look of the model, and photographed in my new Foldio2 light box, cheers Siph ;) I hope you like! Thanks for dropping by.


  1. One of my all time favorite models. Looks a beaut! Nice work!

  2. Love the model and what you've achieved without an Air-Brush. Can't wait to see this beastie in person. What type of rules does this beast have, GC? or Hull Points? Range of weapons and D strength attacks? Can I shoot it to death? ;)

  3. It's an av14 walker, with 8 HP? with an invuln save, and it will not die.

    It's amazing in the game. Just keep it away from stompas :)

  4. That looks great - I note that you described it as nice to build - I have found that multi legged models are sometimes a huge pain in the arse to pose; So I'm interested in how the legs went together and how they all sit under the body and keep it up.

  5. Thanks for the comments.
    Zzzzzz- The leg build was something I planned over a day, dry fitting the legs and joints to the body to work out how best to position them. In the end I built a support structure (sounds better than a box, with a mug and roll of tape!) to keep the scorpion in position as I glued the legs to the body- I started with the front and rear, to make sure it stood correctly- before doing the middle legs. When I can, I'll add an additional picture of how I did it!

  6. Oh yes, please. I've stood heresy minis scorpions on two extra bases before and whilst that worked in the first instance, they soon began to shed limbs, even the pinned ones. They now sit on lumps in the basing material hidden underneath.


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