6 Jan 2016

Legio Astorum - Warlord Titan Build - WIP #9 - Shoulders

Welcome Readers and Titan Builders, here is the latest installment of the titan build. I wanted the shoulders to be extra strong hold and I know a lot of weight will be pulling down on these parts. Needless to say, Forge World have done a great job of having a great design with a small triangle shoulder design where the Shoulder Mounts meet the top side of the Shoulder itself, so thereby making it a strong design to prevent sagging.

I started off the shoulders with roughing up the flat plates with the Dremel, this will maximise the surface area for the super strong JB Weld to glue - btw, now finished off my 3rd tube, so you'll need at least 4 x 25ml tubes for the whole titan!
Once JB Weld was applied, I clamped into place, ensuring I went slowly and one side at a time. I left this 24hrs to harden completely - again, slow and steady.
Once dried, I drilled holes and pinned the shoulder in three places, top into the pipe assemply on top of the shoulder, drilled from inside, and two pins in the bottom. Assemble the second Shoulder and repeat the pinning process.
These pins will be covered when the two arm pistons are in place. Saves having to green stuff over them later! I leave the pins to dry overnight also.
While the Torso and Shoulders dried, I got on with more construction. The Carapace Weapon Mounts were first glued and clamped on the Shoulder Mounts before assembly to the Torso. Not forgetting the clever re-inforcement the shoulder mount gets from the small looped pipe piece underneath, thus giving a neat cruciform join at the Torso Sideplate. 
The completed Shoulder Mounts where glued and clamped to the Torso (Torso Lid again there for strength, not yet glued as I want to pin the interior).
This shows why I have not yet glued the Torso Top Carapace plate on the model yet, I can get into the titan to pin the tops of the Shoulder Mounts for extra strong reinforcement. This pin goes into the Weapon Mount itself.
And finally, a view of the Torso to date, other than fitting the lid, one little job left, and that is to drill down into the Arms when fitted, through the Shoulder and Shoulder Mounts, locking all three together at the exterior edge of the titan, forming the super strong triangle mount I mentioned - clever FW design.

Thanks for reading this far, and next up, Titan progress with the arms themselves. Cheers, Siph.

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  1. Very impressive reinforcement you are doing here...though given the size and scope of this model, I would be doing the same!

  2. Hi Siph, what arms are you getting? Will you make them interchangeable like the ones on Chuffy's YouTube videos?

  3. I know Greg. Not sure it's needed, but makes me happier.

    Col, thanks for pointing me in Chuffy direction, hadn't seen those so I'll be watching them with interest, yes I'd like to make at least one arm interchangeable, swap out a Ranged weapon with the Titan Power Claw for show. I reckon it doesn't have much use in games but looks badass. I'm liking the Sunfury Plasma Innihilator too, so not decided beyond at least one Volcano Cannon.

  4. Hey Siph, yeah that's pretty much why my reaver has a fist. Rule of cool wins for display at least.

    If you do use the pin/tube technique, I was thinking the admech knight ornaments would be about the right size.


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