31 Dec 2015

Legio Astorum - Warlord Titan Build - WIP #8 - Main Torso

Hello Avid Titan Builders, hopefully you'll find these post of interest, thanks for dropping in.

Right, here we have the main torso of the titan, I started off following the instructions, using the Torso Lower Rear and the Front Plate as guide pieces, just gluing the two Torso Lower side pieces first. Separate to this, glue the two Upper Rear Torso pieces together, this is an important precursor, and should be done a day in advance of the Torso, this will be used as a guide piece later for the sides and will prevent it drooping. If you attempt the Torso rear without these pieces glued together the whole Torso could miss-align as this piece droops and then fitting the Exhaust Vents and lid Carapace will be more difficult.

I then started the boxing in of the Torso itself, glued the lower rear to the Torso Base Plate along with the two Lower Side Pieces - (First photo above shows what I mean too). The Torso Front piece is also just as a guide, not glued at this stage, and enables you to clamp the pieces into the correct shape.
Once the three lower pieces were dry, the next day I set about gluing the Torso Upper Rear pieces which I did earlier, shown above, you can see the glue in between these in the top left of the picture, these are now one solid piece. These will also be pinned for strength and integrity.
The model provides great areas for these pins.
The two Rear Upper Pieces glued earlier can now slot into place without drooping. You can see the Pin holes and where they line up with the Rear Lower Torso piece to make a super strong base of the Torso main body.
Here you can see the two constructed rear pieces now in position ready for gluing and pinning finally to the Rear Torso piece and the two Lower Sides. This was left overnight to dry. The Upper Side Torso Plate (the big curved one) is there as a guide at this stage, to make sure I am not messing it up.
Next, the two large curved Torso Upper Side pieces were held in place by dry fitting the Carapace lid to ensure the correct angles and joins. The side pieces were then clamped in place whilst the glue dried. The top Carapace is not glued, just used as a guide.
So now the Torso should look something like this. Getting there, now the side panels are sturdy and dried, next the Torso Front Plate will be fitted. Ensure everything is sturdy and dry before attempting the final side of the main body box - it should be a tight close fit so some leverage will be required, hence leave these to dry completely before manipulating the final piece into place.
Here is the Torso Front Plate being fitted, this is why the rest needs to be completely dry and sturdy before attempting the front piece, it will be a tight fit and to ensure a tight bond the clamps will need to be used so everything is close and neat and tidy.  If you are attempting the whole Torso in a day, these clamps will quickly undo all your hard work and alignments, so take your time and use the next pieces as a guide for the first and repeat the piece by piece construction - slowly.

The instructions then have you fitting the 'lid' next, but I want to ensure the shoulders are pinned internally to prevent possible arm "droopage", leaving it off means I can get to the internal sides of the large curved Upper Torso Side plates and correctly drill guide holes for pins, so I am leaving off the Carapace lid for now.
Finally, (for my Torso) the main parts of the Torso are complete (with exception of the Carapace 'lid', Carapace Armour Panel and Void Exhausts) by fitting the Stabilizers and mountings for the four Secondary Weapons and Chest Armour Plate Mountings.

This is shaping up to be a massive model, the words 'Miniature' do not apply to this beast! I am enjoying the slow build, it is awesome fun and everyday I have another glued section or piece to add.

Thanks for dropping in, hopefully your New Year's Eve celebrations are enjoyable whatever you get up to. From all of us at Weemen, we wish you a prosperous and Weeman filled New Year!

A useful link to the Warlord Titan Construction process can be found HERE.


  1. I have been enjoying the titan build log. Do pass on my best wishes for the new year to the Legio.

  2. Thanks Col, and too you both at Iron Legion

  3. Urgh ! Ace work with the engineering. whadda pain in the proverbial.

  4. I find this blogg most inspiring... it gives me lots of ideas.

    Is it possible to leave the top lid un-attached so that one could access the interior at some point? like if you would like to build your own interior? Could you add some cross bars to hold the sides together if the lid is not glued in? How does it work with the top "ridges"?

    Just curious.

  5. I'll post later with the lid, but as far as I can see you could construct with a removable top, just would take some small adjustments to the Exhaust Ridges where thy fit on the Carapace, but the rear Exhaust Vents will pose more of a problem as they have half attached to the Torso and half to the Exhaust Ridges.

  6. Looks like a bugger to build but you are really cracking on. The torsa seems to have the best fit that I have seen on the Internet. No obvious gaps or misallignments, Well done.

  7. This is Justin from 30mm-madness.com. I'm enjoying watching your build! I just finished the shoulders/arm magnets and have tons of pics to post once I get a moment. I'm still paying the price for having the 'back torso' slightly out of alignment, has created some further minor alignment issues but was able to recover I think. Hopefully you got everything nice and square and don't make the same mistake as me! Will keep watching your build, thanks for posting!

  8. Hi Justin, yes all aligned nicely, thanks for your hints and tips, they were where I went first for starting this build! Main construction of torso complete, waiting for scheduled posts to catch up ;)


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